The First Petarian Convention 2004


Petarian Convention 2004 :
One of the most memorable and historical events in the history of Cadet College Petaro was the First Convention of Petarians held in December 2004 and organized by the Petarian Foundation. The theme of the convention was “Petarians for Pakistan”.

Over 450 Petarians converged on Petaro from all over the world to participate in this event. In addition, the current 11th and 12th class cadets also participated along with the staff members. Thus a total of around 750 participants made this into a truly great event.

The guests of honour were our past teachers. They included stalwarts like Prof. A.A. Faruqi, Prof. Abdullah Khadim Hussain, Prof. Ch. Saeed Ahmed, Prof. M. Akram Bhatti, Prof. Ch. Abdul Ghani, Prof. Inayat Ali Khan, Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Khan, Col.(R) Nasir Abbas, Maj.Gen.(R) Z.I. Abbasi, Prof. Masaud Pervez Durrani, Prof. R.A.K. Ghauri, Dr. Qamaruzzaman Khan Yusufzai, Prof. Affan Maqsood, and Prof. M.K. Mughal.

The convention was full of nostalgia, intellect, fun, reunions, and a feeling to do something for our alma mater as well as for our country. This was truly the epitome of the vision of the Petarian Foundation, which was the sponsor of this event.

During the four sessions held, the participants examined the past of the Petarians and tried to look at how we can contribute towards the future developments. This culminated in the Petarian Declaration 2004.

The second major outcome of the convention was the donation of over Rs. 30 lacs given by the participants to the Petarian Foundation for the purpose of improving the quality of education at Cadet College Petaro. This fund was allocated primarily for the purpose of training of teachers. The Petarian Foundation has utilized this fund for this very purpose and is committed to assist the college in this regard.

The ex-cadets donned the college uniform and marched in unison to attend the assembly. They ate in the cadets’ mess, and slept on cadets’ beds. They tried to recreate old memories through various ways amongst old friends and old teachers.

This was truly an experience that was invigorating in every way, and showing a direction for us to contribute to our college and our country.

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