Scholarships For Cadets 

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Scholarships For Cadets :
Petarian Foundation initiated a program for scholarships for cadets at Cadet College Petaro. This program is based on need cum merit. Only those cadets who have financial difficulties and who demonstrate academic and other capabilities are granted scholarships.

Over the past years, the amounts of scholarships disbursed by Petarian Foundation is as follows:

  • 2004-2005 : Rs. 250,000 to 6 cadets
  • 2005-2006 : Rs. 500,000 to 10 cadets
  • 2006-2007 : Rs. 750,000 to 31 cadets
  • 2007-2008 : Rs. 100,000 to to 2 cadets
  • 2008-2009 : Rs. 100,000 to to 2 cadets
  • 2009-2010 : Rs. 1,495,000 to 45 cadets
  • 2010-2011 : Rs. 1,460,000 to 42 cadets
  • 2011-2012 : Rs. 2,070,000 to 71 cadets
  • 2012-2013 : Rs. 1,623,500 to 51 cadets

We hope to increase the total fund available to Rs. 2,500,000 over the next year to raise the average amount of the scholarship value in line with the inflation, and to give benefit to more students who meet the criteria of need-cum-merit

Major Donors:

  • Nazim Diver Scholarship: The largest contributor to the scholarship fund has been “Nazim Diver” and his family since the year 2005. During 2009 and 2010, Nazim Diver and family contributed Rs. 400,000 to this fund each year, Rs. 500,000 in 2011 andRs. 600,000 in 2012.
  • Samiullah and Salaha Siddiqui Family Trust: From the year 2006-2007 onwards, the Samiullah and Salaha Siddiqui Family Trust has been contributing to 2 scholarships annually.
  • Naseer Ahmed Alvi Scholarship: From 2009 onwards, the Naseer Ahmed Alvi Trust has contributed towards one scholarship.
  • Petarian Association of Saudi Arabia (PASA): From 2010 onwards PASA members have been contributing towards an average of 3 scholarships.

It is our intention to increase the number each year, with a target to fund of Rs. 5,000,000 eventually.

Rules for the grant of scholarships are as follows:

1. Only students who are duly admitted and registered at Cadet College Petaro are eligible for this scholarship scheme.

2. Award parameters: The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Financial need of the students based on the income of the family and estimated expenses (documentary proof of income and expenses is obtained from candidates).
  • Academic and extra-curricular activities record of the cadet (if financial need is established).
    Normally, new entrants to Class VIII will be eligible for fresh scholarships.
  • In case requested supporting documents are not provided, it can lead to reduction in assessed scholarship amount.
    3. Period of scholarship: Scholarships are awarded for a period of one year only.

4.  Renewal of scholarship: The scholarship would be renewed automatically for a subsequent year as long as the cadet maintains proper academic standards set by the college and the foundation jointly. In order to renew the scholarship, the cadet must fill out the scholarship application form each year.

5. Maintenance of Academic Standard: A scholarship holder will be expected to maintain at least an aggregate of “B” grade over the year for continuance of his scholarship in future years. In case he is unable to do so, the College must certify a good reason for continuance of the scholarship.

6. Monitoring: The college shall forward all academic records, marksheets, and performance records of the scholarship holder to the Petarian Foundation at the end of each term.

7. Discipline: The scholarship holder will be expected to maintain the highest level of discipline at the college. In case of violation of discipline, the scholarship can be terminated during the course of the year if so requested by the College, or if the cadet is expelled from the College, or if he leaves the College.

8. Amount of Scholarship: Depending on the need of the student, recommendations of the College and funds available, the Foundation can award a partial or a full scholarship to the applicant.

9. Payee: All funds for the scholarship shall be transferred directly into the account of Cadet College Petaro for adjustment of the account of the scholarship holder. No payments are made directly to the cadet or his parent/guardian.

10. Decision making body: The final decision on the award and renewal of scholarship shall be done by a “Scholarship Award Committee” comprising 3 members as follows:

a. Committee Chairman.

b. Two Members appointed by the Chairman of Petarian Foundation.