Qasim House

Muhammad Bin Qasim House (Qasim House for short) was created in 1967. Its premises were built in the same year. The house is named after the famous conqueror of Sindh Muhammad Bin Qasim, who brought Muslim power to the sub-continent in the year 711 C.E. after having defeated the armies of Raja Dahir.

Qasim House is patterned after Iqbal House. The rooms housing the cadets were designed to provide accommodation for 12 persons. In recent years, the number of students per room has been increased to 15 with the increased population of the students.

After 1989, Qasim House was renamed as Qasim Division to keep in line with Navy traditions. However, as per the decision of the Board of Governors, the Divisions were renamed as Houses once again in 2003.

Following is a list of the House Masters / Divisional Officers of Qasim House over the years.