Petarians Management

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Petarian Foundation:


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors having 5 directors, of whom at least 4 must be Fellows. The Board is primarily a policy making body which gives directions on projects and activities of the Foundation. It also oversees the performance of the Secretariat.

All Directors serve on a voluntary basis and are not eligible for any remuneration. The current Board is constituted of the following:

  •  Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/LF, Chairman
  • Shahid Mahmud, 74104/L, General Secretary
  •  Mahmood Baweja, 7518/Q, Member
  •  Tajammul Husayn, 439/J, Member
  • Rear Adm(R) Shahid Farooq, 578/J, Member


The Secretariat is the body that runs the day to day management of operations of the Foundation. In accordance with the directives and policies of the Board of Directors, the Secretariat implements the projects.

The Secretariat is headed by a Secretary General. In the absence of a full-time Secretary General, the Chairman of the Board acts in the capacity on a voluntary basis.

Our present key team members who are running the operations are as follows:

  • Major (R) Aamir Rehman Syed, Project Manager
  • Tallat Mehmood Khan, Corporate Adviser
  • Naveed Abbasi, Manager Finance
  • Fawad Mustafa, Accountant
  • Tariq Mehmood, Legal Adviser

In the past, we were honoured to have had the services of the late Air Cdre. Shahid Hamid Shigri, who led our operations at Bagh, AJK for the Earthquake relief and rehabilitation program. A staff of nearly 70 people reported to him for at the peak of the operations.


The Foundation is supported by a number of voluntary advisors who have provided guidance and assistance. The following are key advisers:

  • Qaisar Muhammad Zaman
  • Dr. Agha Taj Mohammad, Medical Services
  • Jawed Ahmed, Planning