Iqbal House

Iqbal House was created in 1966. Its premises were built in the s

ame year. The house is named after the Thinker / Philosopher Muhammad Iqbal, who is one

of the greatest Muslims that lived during the 19th – 20th century.

The college administration continued having larger dormitories with the successful experiments of Ayub and Latif House. The rooms housing the cadets were designed to provide accommodation for 12 persons. In recent years, the number of students per room has been increased to 15 with the increased population of the students.

After 1989, Iqbal House was renamed as Iqbal Division to keep

in line with Navy traditions. However, as per the decision of the Board of Governors, the Divisions were renamed as Houses once again in 2003.

Following is a list of the House Masters / Divisional Officers of Iqbal House over the years.