Aims & Objectives


Petarian Foundation:


  •  The Foundation is a non-profit and non-political organization, set up for the benefit and welfare of Petarians in particular and Pakistanis at large. A key objective is to alleviate poverty in the country and to improve the standard of living of our population that lives below the poverty line.
  • The Foundations shall provide welfare services through:
  •  Relief work
  •  Scholarships for capable & needy students
  •  Creation of job opportunities through investments and placement services
  • Unemployment bureau to assist the jobless
  •  Career counseling services

Ø Free course books for needy students

  • Provide jobs to widows and orphans
  •  Blood banks
  •  Other service or facility that would benefit Petarians in particular and Pakistanis at large.


The Foundation may promote and finance projects in the following areas:

  1.  Infrastructure development
  2.  Public schools, colleges, universities
  3.  R&D facilities & “Chairs” at Universities
  4.  Vocational institutions for all trades
  5.  Health care facilities
  6. Etc.

                                           Petarians for Pakistan