Mr. Rashid Ahmed Khan Ghouri

The Ninth Vice Principal (2002-2005), and Professor of Chemistry (1969-2005)

Prof. R.A.K Ghouri as Vice Principal

Prof. Rashid Ahmed Khan Ghouri joined the college in 1969 as teacher of Chemisty. He was the ninth Vice Principal of the college from 2002 to 2005.

He was born on 2 February 1945 at Katni in District Jabalpur in the Central Provinces (CP) of United India. He got married to Mrs. Parveen Ghouri on 20 Jan 1973 at Hyderabad. They have five children - Dr. Noreen, Salman (kit no. 8926), Dr. Ambreen, Imran (kit no. 9202) and Noman.

Professor Mukhtar Siddiqui and Dr. Sarfaraz Siddiqui are his first cousins. Their mothers are sisters.

Ghouri Sahib lost his parents while he was a child. His mother expired when he was only a year and a half old, and his father (who was a contractor) passed away when he was four while they were still in India. He was brought up by his elder brothers and his grandfather.

Their town of Katni was known for its production of small arms. Thus after the creation of Pakistan, many of the workers from that area moved to Wah where the arms and ammunition factories were located.

However, when Ghouri Sahib's family finally migrated to Pakistan, they chose to settle down in Hyderabad. They came to Pakistan by train via Munabao and Mirpurkhas in 1951. He traveled with two of his elder brothers. His elder brother was also a contractor like his father, and he initially took up work in District Dadu near Johi.

So while young Rashid Ghouri started his schooling in Hyderabad in 1951, he would often go to Johi. His primary education was at the Sindhi Primary School in Hyderabad until 1955, when he took admission to Sherdil Khan Municipal High School from where he completed his Matric in 1962. He then passed his Intermediate in 1964 and his B.Sc. in 1966 from Government Degree College Hyderabad.

Ghouri Sahib was very good with sports, and hockey in particular. While he was at the Govt. Degree College, he was the Captain of the College Hockey team. He also played hockey on behalf of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. During those days, he would also visit Cadet College Petaro to play hockey against the CCP teams, and was very impressed by it.

His sports activities were at the expense of his studies. Thus he curtailed his sports after graduation to concentrate on studies. He joined Sindh University in 1966 and got his M.Sc. in Chemistry in 1968 with full concentration on academics.

Soon after getting his M.Sc. degree, he got a job with Habib Bank Limited as a Probationary Officer. He just didn't enjoy the work and was on a lookout for something else. Within 5-6 months, he got the opportunity he was looking for. Cadet College Petaro was hiring Chemistry teachers. He applied and was interviewed by Cdr. Firoz Shah, Azim Sb, Abdul Ahad Khan Sb and Mohammed Ahmed Khan Sb. He was selected because he brought academics and sports together. Thus in September 1969, he moved to Petaro as a "Master" of Chemistry.

In addition to being a Chemistry teacher, he was immediately assigned the position of Assistant House Master of Ayub House, a position he held until 1975 when he was made the House Master. He remained the House Master of Ayub House for two years until 1977. During his tenure as the House Master, he faced tough times with the senior cadets due to his strict discipline. This is the time when he was at odds with the senior class and the only choice he had for appointment of JUO of Ayub House was that of Arbab Ghulam Rahim, 7199.

Ghouri Sahib was also made in charge of hockey which was his strength. He also qualified to be a B Grade hockey umpire in 1971 and an A Grade hockey umpire in 1973 by the Pakistan Hockey Federation.

For the next four years, he was the Messing Officer between 1977-1981 where strong controls were required to curb pilfering of food by the staff there.

In 1981, Ghouri Sahib got an opportunity to go abroad on deputation to Nigeria which he availed. He was posted as Senior Education Officer at the Mary Knoll College, a Roman Catholic missionary school located in Okuku within the diocese of Ogoja in Yala LGE in the Cross River State. He taught Chemistry to O and A Level classes at this college, and was also the Practical Examiner for GCE. At the end of his tenure, he was given a meritorious certificate by the college.

He returned to Pakistan and Petaro in 1984 and resumed his position at CCP. In addition to being the Chemistry teacher, he was also made the Sports Officer in 1985, a position he cherished and retained until his final retirement from Petaro in 2005. Previously, he had been the Assistant Sports Officer under Mr. A.A. Faruqui.

Ghouri Sahib was promoted to the position of "Senior Master" / Assistant Professor in 1975 and as a full Professor in 1985.

He also held several other additional charges during his stay at Petaro. At different periods, he was the Head of Department of Chemistry, Chairman of the Accommodation Committee and In Charge of the Agriculture. In the latter position, his main achievement was to create a "grassy field" in front of the new stadium that was constructed, making the whole area green. This was quite a major task.

In 1997, he was given charge of being the Divisional Coordination Officer, a position that put him above all the House Masters/Divisional Officers to coordinate all affairs of the houses/divisions. He remained in this position until 2002 when he was given the position of Vice Principal of the College. He remained the Vice Principal until his retirement in 2005.

Ghouri Sahib had joined Petaro barely three months after I graduated from the college in the summer of 1969. So our paths never crossed during my days as a cadet. However, I had the good opportunity to interact with him many times while he was the Vice Principal of the College. I always found him to be a thorough gentleman and very committed to his work.

Ghouri Sahib now leads a retired life in Hyderabad. May Allah give him good health and a long life!