Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Khan

Professor of Chemistry (1966-1972)

Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Khan

by Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Khan joined Cadet College Petaro in 1966 to teach Chemistry and left in 1972 to return to his farms at Nawabshah.

He was born on 12/2/1938, and married Mrs. Mariam Khatoon on 1/3/1967. They have 3 sons, two of whom are Petarians, namely Muhammad Shoaib Khan (marhum), kit no. 8482/Latif and Muhammad Arif Khan, kit no. 93120/Q. His eldest son Najeeb Khan is a renowned mufti in Karachi. They also have one daughter who is married to Muhammad Yusuf Rabai, son of Mufti Zain-ul-Abedin of Faisalabad.

Ahmed Sahib is now settled in Nawabshah and runs a charitable school.

Ahmed Sahib got his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and Microbiology from D.J. Science College Karachi in 1960, and his M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from Sindh University in 1962.

His first job was as a lecturer in Chemistry at Govt. College Nawabshah in 1963-1964.

Ahmed Sahib was our Inorganic Chemistry teacher at Petaro from 1966-1972. He was also the in charge of the college hockey team. He was also the Patron of the Chemical Society and the Educational Films Society from 1966 to 1972.

He left Petaro early - in 1972 - due to his father's illness, and returned to Nawabshah to take care of his father's agricultural lands. He has been settled there since then.

When the curricula for Matric and Intermediate were revamped in the late 1960s, Ahmed Sahib attended the "In Service Teacher Training Courses" at the University of Sindh in 1967 and 1968. The following year, he was one of the thirteen teachers selected from all over West Pakistan to be part of the "Advisory Committee for Revision of Science Syllabi at Middle Stages". He was also a Teacher Trainer for High Science Teachers of Sindh Province during Summer Vacations of 1969 and 1970.

During the following 20 years, while his primary business was agriculture, he kept up his educational activities by serving as an Honorary Visiting Professor at Sachal Sarmast College, Govt. College and Islamia College at Nawabshah.

During 1992-1994, he served as Professor of Chemistry and Controller of Examinations at Sadiq Public School. This time, he had to quit his job due to his dear mother's ill health, and the college Principal accepted his resignation with a heavy heart.

Ahmed Sahib always believed in serving mankind and the community around him. His services to the city of Nawabshah are innumerable. Over the past few years, he set up the Uswa Educational Society and donated one acre of his own land to build a good school there. He then established the Uswa School, which was managed by his son Shoaib until his death. Since then Ahmed Sahib has been managing it himself.

He was the Chairman of the Zakat Committee for Nawabshah from 2001-1006, which did wonders for the poor people of the district. He distributed Rs. 230 million to the poor and needy and was awarded an appreciation medal from the President of Pakistn. This was the best performance by any Zakat Committee. He was also the President of the Thinkers Forum of Nawabshah and ex-Secretary of the Nawabshah Gymkhana, and Chairman Market Committee of Nawabshah from 1982-1991. As a result, Nawabshah was declared the best market committee for development activities and was awarded the Pride of Performance and the Administrative Efficiency Cup.

Over the years, he built his farm (known as J.K. Gardens) as a model research farm for all the progressive orchardists of the country. Many of the national and international organizations have carried out Research and Development programs at J.K. Gardens since 1962. The garden farmhouse also has a library on agriculture in addition to books on Urdu literature, poetry and religion. M.Phil and PhD students of universities have benefited extensively from this library. J.K. Gardens was also on the Host Farmers list for American farmers families visiting Pakistan between 1972 and 1980.

Ahmed Sahib has been in great demand as a speaker at various conferences. He has also published articles in newspapers like DAWN and journals on education and agriculture. He has also been an Advisor on Education and Agriculture since 1972. Has has also been a president of the Rotary Club of Nawabshah.

Ahmed Sahib was the winner of the Pride of Performance Award in 1994-95 in recognition of his meritorious services rendered for the glory and welfare of District Administration of Nawabshah.

Ahmed Sahib is one man who has always made an effort to keep up his contacts with me and with all of his students. After I left Petaro, I was abroad for over a decade. Upon my return to Pakistan, I worked at Zelin Limited (Karachi) on Victoria Road between 1980 and 1982.  Ahmed Sahib found out through someone that I was there. One day while I was in my office, he walked in and asked me if Kazi Zulkader is around. I told him that this is my name. He immediately blurted out, then don’t you recognize me? I retorted, when you didn’t recognize me, how do you expect me to recognize you?  He smiled – that most unforgettable smile. And it was obvious to me as to who he was. He had come all the way only to meet me, not knowing how much I may have changed.

It is rare to find your own teacher who keeps on monitoring your movements in life and being concerned at how you are doing.  Such is Ahmed Sahib. He does not simply say that I love you. He demonstrates it through deed. Periodically, he calls each one of us and finds out how we are doing. He demonstrates this care very vividly. So when he wrote “with heaps of love” in that autograph, he was not just saying it out of courtesy.

Many of us do remember Ahmed Sahib in different ways.  After Azim Sahib, if there was another teacher who would talk and walk fast, it was Ahmed Sahib. At times, it would even be difficult to understand some of his expressions and jokes as he would swallow words. But even if you didn’t, you would smile and laugh with him.

We can never forget the famous Chemical Club which he used to head. We wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go to Hyderabad to buy “falsa” so that we could make “sharbat” and have it preserved through Ahmed Sahib’s concoctions. Recently, he didn’t forget to send me 8 bottles of some other types of very healthy sharbat - all the way from Nawabshah. That is the typical Ahmed Sahib – always caring and loving.

Ahmed Sahib’s life is exemplary in many ways. He has always demonstrated a very strong character. The latest tragedy in his life was the loss of his second son Shoaib, kit no. 8482/Latif, who died of cancer in 2006. It is amazing how Ahmed Sahib kept his calm and buried his own son.

Ahmed Sahib never waited for anyone. This is reflected beautifully in his advice to me in his autograph below. One must recognize the realities of this life and not be lost merely in idealism. We must take a step at a time - however imperfect it may be.

During the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Cadet College Petaro on 24 February 2007, Ahmed Sahib spoke to the audience and gave wonderful advice to all amid old memories. Please click here to listen to his speech.

May Allah grant Ahmed Sahib a long life with vigor and health!

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Khan’s own handwriting and signature

For Kazi Zulkader with heaps of love

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done – Cardinal Newman


Signed Mohd. Ahmed Khan

11th July, 1969