Prof. Jawaid Ahmed Khan Sharwani

The Thirteenth Vice Principal (2012-2014), Professor of Pakistan Studies (1978-2014) and Head of Dept of Pakistan Studies (1983-2012)

Prof. Jawaid Ahmed Khan Sharwani - 2005

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif


Prof. Jawaid Ahmed Khan Sharwani joined the college in 1978 as a lecturer and is still in service at the college. He was Vice Principal and Director of Studies of the college from 2012-2014.

He was born on 25 January 1954 at Hyderabad and was married to Mrs. Rahat Bano on 19 May 1978. They have one daughter and three sons - Sufyan 94129/Ayub, Fahad 96151/Jinnah and Taimoor 98115/Jinnah. His nephew Immad 2003074/Latif is also a Petarian.

Jawaid Sharwani Sb is quite an accomplished man in terms of his education. He has a double M.A. (in English and Urdu), and M.Ed. and an M.B.A. degree. In addition, he also got a D.A.E. diploma in Electrical Engineering.

During his service at Petaro, he was promoted to the rank of assistant professor in September 1990 and as Professor in July 2003. After the retirement of Professor Wasiul Hassan in 1983, Sharwani Sb became the Head of the Pakistan Studies Dept.

He has also held several other positions as additional duties at Petaro. He has been the House Master of Latif House from 1992 to 1995. Prior to this, he was the Assistant House Master of Liaquat House.

In addition, he has been Officer In Charge Electricity, Telephone, Water Supply, Sui Gas, Mechanical Workshop, Woodwork, Building and Caretaking Dept, Donations, New Entry and Cafeteria during different periods. He has also been the Chairman of Accommodation Committee, Handing/Taking Over Committee, and Overall Officer In Charge of Variety Programs and Functions, Prize Distribution, National and Religious Days.

Sharwani Sb has been one of the prominent teachers of his period.

In 2006 summer, he was one of the two professors nominated to attend the "Balanced Assessment in Action" workshop conducted by the Aga Khan University Institute of Educational Development, and sponsored by the Petarian Foundation. He also participated in the First CCP Teacher Training Interactive Workshop held in Islamabad from 24-31 July 2005, which was also sponsored by the Petarian Foundation.

Upon retirement of Prof. J.N. Rahi, Prof. Sharwani was appointed the thirteenth Vice Principal of Cadet College Petaro in May 2012 and he retired from this position in January 2014.

Prof. Jawaid Sharwani - 2000