Mr. Jetha Nand Rahi

The Twelfth Vice Principal (2012-2012), Professor of English (1977-2012) and Head of Dept of English (2010-2011)

Prof. Jetha Nand Rahi - 2004

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Prof. Jetha Nand Rahi was the Twelfth Vice Principal of Cadet College Petaro and Professor of English at Cadet College Petaro. He joined the college in 1977. He retired as Professor at the college and as Vice Principal in May 2012.

Jehta Nand Sahib was born on 19 May 1952 at Dengan, Dist Mirpurkhas, and got married to Mrs. Sony Anand on 19 July 1972. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons Ashok Kumar Rahi, kit no. 87116/Liaquat and Manoj Kumar Rahi, kit no. 93135/Ayub. 

He completed his B.A.(Hons) and M.A. English from Sindh University.

Jetha Nand Sahib's entire career has been at Cadet College Petaro. He joined as a lecturer in 1977 and was promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor in 1989, and as a full Professor in 2003.

He was the House Master of Iqbal House in the early 1990s and the Patron of The Cadet Magazine from 1997-2002. He has been ther overall In Charge of Petaro Times as well.

In addition, he has held various other administrative responsibilities at the college. He has been Officer In Charge New Development Projects, Buildings Dept, Woodwork Dept, Electricity Dept, and Telephone Dept.

Upon the retirement of Prof. Wahid Bux Shaikh, Prof. Rahi took over as the Head of Dept of English at Petaro in 2011. And in February 2012, he was promoted to the position of Vice Principal of the College upon the retirement of Prof. Anwar Ali Shah. Three months later in May 2012, he retired from service upon superannuation.


Prof. Jetha Nand Rahi - 2010