Prof. Chaudhry Abdul Ghani

The Seventh Vice Principal (1996-1997), and Professor of Mathematics (1966-1997)

Prof. Ch. Abdul Ghani

by Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Prof. Chaudhry Abdul Ghani joined the college in 1966 as teacher of Mathematics. He was the seventh Vice Principal of the college from 1996 to 1997.

He was born on 15 October 1937.  He was married to the late Mrs. Shaista Ghani on 15 October 1967, and they had one son - Usman Ghani, kit no. 84162/J, who is now a doctor (anesthetist) and settled down in Ireland.

Ghani Sahib was the Asst. House Master of Latif House in the late 1960s. He was very soft and loving towards the boys. I do not recall Ghani Sahib ever raising his voice.

Ghani Sahib was born at Chak 258GB Noor Mahal, which is currently in Dist. Toba Tek Singh. After acquiring his primary education at the village school, he completed his Matric from Maurusipur High School in 1954.

He had great ambitions in life and moved to Faisalabad at first for higher studies. He completed his B.Sc. from Government College Faisalabad in 1959, and then obtained his M.A. degree in Mathematics from the University of Punjab in Lahore.

His first job was as a Mathematics teacher at the Inter College in Chak Faridabad where he taught from 1961 to 1963. That year, he got his first major opportunity to move to a institution of repute, and he joined Public School Hyderabad (located in Latifabad). This school afforded him the spring board to eventually join Cadet College Petaro in 1966. It was the 23rd of August 1966 when he moved to Petaro as teacher of Mathematics.

Ghani Sahib was extremely well liked by his pupils. Soon after he joined Petaro, he was given two more assignments in addition to teaching. He was attached to Latif House as Assistant House Master with Ch. Saeed Ahmed Sahib, a position he enjoyed until 1969, when he was assigned the same position in Qasim House for three years until 1972.

In 1972, Ghani Sahib returned to Latif House as the House Master. He served in this position for a good 9 years until 1981.

During these early years at Petaro, Ghani Sahib was also very much involved with supervision of Football. During the initial years (1966-1973), he was assigned a supporting role as assistant to Raja Khadim Hussain. Then from 1973 to 1981, he was in charge of Football.

1981 brought a new experience for him. He was selected to be posted to Nigeria on deputation for a period of 3 years. He was the Mathematics professor at Okrika Grammar School which was located around 35 Km from Port Harcod.

Ghani Sahib returned to Pakistan in 1984, and came back to Petaro. Other than returning to the position of Head of Dept of Mathematics (1984-1992), he was also assigned the position of House Master of Iqbal House until 1990. He was then promoted to becoming a professor at Petaro, and was then assigned the position of Technical Services Coordination Officer in 1992.

When Abdul Ahad Khan Sahib retired in 1996, Ghani Sahib was the senior most professor and he was appointed the Vice Principal and Director of Studies of the college. This was during the tenure of Cdre. S.Q. Raza. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1997. However, upon his retirement, he was retained at the college as Professor Emeritus for another year until 1998 when he finally left.

Retirement did not mean sitting at home. Ghani Sahib was immediately given an offer to become the Principal of Khanpur Public School, which he served for another two years until 2000. He finally moved to Faisalabad to lead a retired life.

I never met Ghani Sahib again for nearly 27 years since I left Petaro in 1969. The next I met him was in 1996 at Petaro, a year before his retirement when he was the Vice Principal. I was passing by Hyderabad, and I called him on the phone. I had thought that he may not even remember me. To my utter surprise, not only did he remember me but he insisted that I come immediately. He had laid out a full “High Tea” for me at his home. 

Since his retirement, Ghani Sahib has been a regular visitor to Petaro. He is there at most of the major functions and loves to be with the Petarians.

He was present at the Reunion of 1964-69 entry in 2001 and 2004, and at the Petarian Convention in December 2004. He delivered a very loving speech at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Cadet College Petaro on 24 February 2007. Please click here to watch the speech.

Ghani Sahib lost his long life partner - Mrs. Shaista - on 8 November 2005. She had been ill for a long time. It was her illness that had also forced him to choose to remain at home most of the time after his retirement. May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus.

Ghani Sahib now leads a retired life in Faisalabad. May Allah give him good health and a long life!

Prof. Ch. Abdul Ghani as Vice Principal