Mr. Rafiuddin S. Channa

The Eighth Principal (20/9/1990 to 16/2/1991), Fifth Vice Principal (1990-1993), and Professor of Biology (1962-1993), Head Dept of Biology (1975-1990)

Prof. R.S. Channa - as Principal at CCP

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif


Prof. Rafiuddin S. Channa was born on 1 July 1933. He joined the college as Biology teacher in 1962. Thus, he was one of the earliest of the staff members of the college, having joined the college barely 5 years after its inception.

Channa Sahib married Mrs. Khursheedunnisa in 1957 who bore him six sons - Masood (7233/A), Mahmood (7484/L), Rafique (7483/A), Shafique (7485/J), Arshad Rafi (expired) and Amjad Rafi (7829/I).

Soon after the death of his first wife, Channa Sahib married Mrs. Rehana, daughter of late Professor Syed Maqsood Ali (who used to teach English at Petaro in the 1960s). Mrs. Rehana has a daughter Bushra.

Channa Sahib graduated from Tandojam Agriculture University with a B.Sc. in 1956. Many years later, he also got his M.Sc. also from the same university in 1971.

His first job was with the Agriculture Dept of the Sindh government in 1956. He was posted as the Taluka Agriculture Officer at Juhi, Dist. Dadu. In 1961, he became the Training Officer at the Agriculture Training Institute at Sakrand.

It was at this juncture that he joined Cadet College Petaro in 1962 as a teacher of Biology. He was highly impressed by Col. Coombes, and was keen to work with him.

During those years, Channa Sahib was not only responsible for teaching, he was also given the charge to convert the deserts of Petaro into a garden. During the successive periods of different principals, he worked hard in this respect, and Petaro is truly a garden campus now.

He established the lawns all over the campus. In addition, he also set up the agriculture farm, mango orchards, lemon orchard, rose gardens, and planted trees all along the roads and lanes.

Over the years, he became the head of the department of Biology during the period of Capt. Shukruddin, and then became the Vice Principal in 1990. Barely three months after becoming the Vice Principal, he was appointed the Acting Principal upon the retirement of Prof. M.A. Bhatti in September 1990. He remained the Principal until 16 February 1991, when Capt. S.I. Malik, PN was appointed as the permanent principal. Channa Sahib then reverted back to the position of Vice Principal and continued as such until his retirement in 1993.

Since his retirement, he is settled in Hyderabad.

Five of his sons are Petarians as listed above. In addition, his younger sister was married to the late Shafique-ur-Rehman Channa, kit no. 20/Liaquat House.