Prof. M. Akram Bhatti

The Seventh Principal (30/6/1990 to 19/9/1990), Fourth Vice Principal (1989-1990), and Professor / Head of Dept. of Mathematics (1960-1990)

Mr. M. Akram Bhatti - as Principal at CCP

Prof. M. Akram Bhatti - A few thoughts

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, kit no. 671/LF

Bhatti Sahib is probably one of the most celebrated personalities of Cadet College Petaro. And without a doubt, he was one of my best teachers ever. His command over Mathematics was incredible (like Toor Sahib). And he was a good learner himself.

He was one of the earliest teachers to join Cadet College Petaro. He joined the staff in 1958, barely a year after the college was established. Thus, he is one of the pillars that built the college.

Bhatti Sb was born on 9 March 1933.  He joined Cadet College Petaro in 1958 and retired in 1990 when he was the Acting Principal of the college.

He expired at Lahore of cardiac arrest on 3 August 2010.


Mr. M. Akram Bhatti - Feb 2007

He was married to Mrs. Razia Begum on 22 December 1962. They have 7 daughters - Khadija Rasool, Asifa Rasool, Amina Rasool, Rukhsana Rasool, Saba Rasool, Tayyaba Rasool, and Misbah Rasool.

Bhatti Sb obtained his M.Sc. in Mathematics.

During the summer of 1967, the Ministry of Education changed the syllabus of FSc, and brought in tremendous changes in the subject matter taught for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. For the first time, they included Calculus and Differential Equations. Our teachers were sent on special training courses that summer so that they could teach us the subject properly. I suppose had it not been for Bhatti Sahib, we would have flunked in Calculus and Differential Equations. He was able to pick up the subject very quickly and taught us in a very professional manner.

Bhatti Sahib became the House Master of Liaquat House after Feroz Yusuf Khan Sahib in 1966. Most of us remember Bhatti Sahib for the simple two-worded four-letter words that he used to utter. He had a knack of controlling the boys through language rather than with the use of his hands. And he was effective.

In later years, Bhatti Sahib became the fourth Vice Principal of the college in 1989 upon the retirement of Ch. Saeed Ahmed Sahib. The following year, Capt. Amin Khan PN, the Principal fell ill and died in 1990.  Bhatti Sahib assumed the charge as Acting Principal, and remained the effective principal of the college until his own retirement on 19 September, 1990. He thus served the college for 32 long years.

As usual, Bhatti Sahib was the centre of attraction at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Cadet College Petaro on 24 February 2007. His speeches brought out great memories of the past. Please click here to listen to what he spoke that day.

Bhatti Sb had been suffering from heart disease for some time. Despite this, he would never fail to travel to Petaro to attend the major functions like the Golden Jubilee.  And he would be the centre of attraction amongst his students.

The last time he travelled to Petaro was on 15 November 2009 to inaugurate the 1 crore rupee CCP Automation Project (Computer / Networking / Wifi / Broadband / Software) that was donated through the Petarian Foundation by Shahid Mahmud, 74104/L. He then stayed back at Karachi for a few days as well and attended a number of gatherings of Petarians.

On 2 August 2010, he was admitted to the Punjab Institute of Cardiology due to chest pains and then moved to the ICU. He seemed to respond well to the medication. However, a day later, he expired.

There was an outpouring of grief amongst Petarians as the news spread and hundreds of messages of condolences were posted on the Yahoogroups.

Bhatti Sb was truly an institution within himself. He was one of the best teachers that the college ever had, and he was able to teach the principles of Mathematics in a very clear manner. He was loved by one and all and was always the most popular personality at any Petarian gathering.

I was fortunate to be one of his favourite students. He loved me and cared for me. And he always reminded me that I was one of his top 3 Mathematics students in the history of Petaro. We remained in touch with each other ever since I came back to Pakistan in 1995 and met several times. His dua for me was so important in my life.

May Allah grant Bhatti Sahib the choicest place in Jannatul Firdaus. He was a guide and mentor for thousands of his students. And he devoted his life for the sake of the college, his students and for the betterment of this country.

“Beloved’s Yearning Deep Within My Soul”

By Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom, 97/A (Premier Batch)

“AcJu pinnu akharriyani, sacjanna panhijaa saariyaa,

Ggalani taan ggorrhani juun, buunduun busi na kani,

Sandee sika preeyani, loka dditthei na lahei.”

(Shah Bhittai)


“Today too, my eyes, like past yesterday,

Their Beloved remember like everyday!

Cheeks drenched with torrential tears,

Never ending streams of raging waters;

Beloved’s yearning deep within my soul,

Never gets satisfied by seeing one and all.”

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

This is my humble tribute to my teacher. The news of the passing away of a teacher will bring tears to the eyes of every student. Saaeen Akram Bhatti Sahib was not just a ‘teacher,’ he was a man par excellence, a mentor extraordinaire, an exceptional guide and an erudite knowledgeable scholar.


However, aren’t those the qualities of any teacher? Yes, they are and they should be! But, alas! Those teachers with such great qualities embedded and entrenched in their heart and mind are, unfortunately, NO MORE! The teachers with such excellent integrity, veritable virtuous and empowered character and morals, embellished deep inside their souls are, sadly, not to be seen anymore.


And, Saaeen Bhatti Sahib, was perhaps the last of those effervescent and exuberant teachers that made a real contribution in the life and knowledge of his students. Such fragrance is no more found in the Gardens today, this last Rose has just withered away!


The year was 1959, when Cadet College moved from its temporary abode in Mirpurkhas to its permanent habitation at Petaro. Everything was brand new – new place, new buildings, some still under construction, new playgrounds, new classrooms and absolutely new surroundings with new challenges. It was really lonely and forlorn in those secluded and isolated terrain of the Cadet College Petaro (CCP) of those days.


For us, young students, fresh from leaving the comforts of our home for the first time, was a really shock, disbelief and, surely, a very painfyl and agonising experience. But, guess what? We overcame all that solitude and pain, within no time! And, that was, definitely, because of the effervescence and exuberance, love and encouragement of our teachers.


The teachers of CCP of those days were the Angels that showered us with their Angelic charm and enthusiasm and injected into us the qualities of survival in the direst of all situations and to keep ones heads high in all terrible and terrifying, fearful and fretful, horrifying and horrendous of environments and circumstances. These noble and worthy teachers, such as, Saaeen A.M. Nizamani Sahib (Founder and Father of CCP), Saaeen Col. Coombes Sahib, Saaeen Azim Sahib, Saaeen Khadim Sahib, Saaeen Feroze Sahib, Saaeen Zahoor Sahib, Saaeen Fazal Mahmood Sahib, Saaeen Saaeed Sahib, Saaeen Mangi Sahib, Saaeen Channa Sahib, Saaeen Farooqui Sahub and Saaeen Mohammad Akram Bhatti Sahib were those Angels that made our lives interesting and worth-living!


Saaeen Bhatti Sahib was amongst those early teachers at CCP, who inspired us and replenished our hearts and souls with knowledge and learning. My last meeting with my dear teacher was few years ago, perhaps in February 1997, at CCP during the  Golden Jubilee Celebrations. We were together part of a Panel of experts answering queries from participants on education and learning. He hugged me and embraced me with his usual warmth and sincere affections.


Saaeen Akram Bhatti Sahib has left us – with profound sadness we mourn his untimely passing away. Yes, “we are from Him and towards Him is our return.”  Sooner or later all of us have to take that inevitable Path! May Allah (swt) rest his soul in Peace and grant him a choicest place in His marvellous Gardens. May Allah (swt) also give fortitude and forbearance to his family to bear this tragic loss with great patience. Aameen.


My humble and sincere condolences to the family of Late Saaeen Akram Bhatti, his friends and all Petarians, especially those who have had a privilege, indeed an honour, to have been taught by him.


And, my murshid Saaeen Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai says!

“Acju na otaaqun mein, sei taliba tanwaareen,

Aadeisee uthee wayaa, marrhiyuun muun mareen,

Huu jei jeeya khei jiyaareen, sei laahuutee laddei wayaa.” (Bhittai)


“Alas! Worthy devotees found not in courtyards today,

Noble disciples gone forever, their solemn absence does slay,

Filial ones nourished our souls, no more in motherland stay.”

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

With respects, regards, love and prayers

Some of the Condolence Messages posted for Bhatti Sb

Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif : With utmost grief, I would like to inform you all that our dear dear teacher and mentor Bhatti Sb expired a few minutes ago at Lahore. I cannot express in words the extent of pain on his leaving this world. May Allah grant him the choicest place in Jannatul Firdaus and grant his wife and daughters sabrun jameel to bear this loss. Allah was kind to Bhatti sb that he did not suffer or have pain in his last days. This is His great bounty. But those in pain are the ones left behind. I just spoke to his daughter as well. He number is 0333 413-8298. I am out of the country and am in Malaysia, and I would like to request all brothers in Lahore in particular to kindly visit the hospital to help his daughters for his burial. I wish I was present in Islamabad and would have done it myself otherwise. Brig. Jalil Khan, kit no. 553 is already there and helping out. His no. is (0300) 845-1481. Burial arrangements have not been done as yet. Pls contact Jalil and insha Allah he will update you. Please also pray for Bhatti Sb's soul. In utmost grief,

Syed Iqbal Haider, ex-teacher of Physics at CCP 1962-68 : Please convey my condolences to the family of Late Mr. Bhatti

Altaf Shaikh 47/J : Some one telephoned me that our dear teacher, loving brother, more than a friend Mr. M. Akram Bhatti is no more with us. What a sad news. Those Petarians who didnt see him can not realize how great person he was. He taught us Maths, Physics etc in Matric, XIth & XIIth classes some 50 years ago. His memories have never left my mind. I saw him last year after half a century. A kind and devoted teacher he was. And also very bold and honest person. May Allah Bless Him. I can not forget his kindness and his efforts he made to teach people like me. With respects and love.

Karim Khan Rajput 406/I : Death of Bhatti Sahib does not mean he is dead. He is alive in our hearts and minds. He was a very good House Master as well as a teacher. He will remain in our hearts and thoughts.

Aurangzeb Khan 431/LF : May Allah SWT give him choicest place in Jannat and sabr o jamil to his family. Death of Mohammed Akram Bhatti Sahib is a great loss of all Petarians. With him a golden period of CCP is finished and he was no doubt a teacher who loved CCP and its Alumni to the infinity limits. He was great human being, loving teacher, free of any prejudice and above all a true and faithful employee of CCP. His services for CCP will be written in golden words. He will remain in the hearts of Petarians for ever. He left behind his so many great students such as President of Pakistan AAZ who always feel proud to mention his name in speeches and in get togethers. Allah SWT forgive his sins and give him janat. ameen

Mansur Choudhry 499/Q : A life well spent. Proud to have been one of your student.. May Allah Bless him

Naeem Saroya 504/L : Bhatti Sahib was a great human being and a teacher. We will miss him a great deal.

Khalid Jameel Kirmani 509/LF : The death of Bhatti sahib is very very un-timely for his family . May Allah give his young ones the courage, wisdom and strength to bear the loss. He was always sincere in guiding us when we were child that what a student needs. May Allah give HIM the BEST PLACE IN HEAVEN. To remind his famous words Agaya agaya kon agaya------chala gaya, chala gaya---kon chala gaya-----------????????

Anwar Aziz Farooqui 521/A & Q : I received a call from our buddy Brig Abdul Jalil Khan, who informed me about this sad news. It was a great honour to be his student. About two months back he visited Karachi and we met this great professor. In fact he played a great role in mentoring our way of life. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace and grant him place in Janat-ul-Firdaus. We pray  Allah to continue shower his blessing upon the departed soul and give courage to the grieved family to bear this. irreparable loss

Zaheer Warraich 541/J : I will never forget you… it was an honor to be your student. Sir, you will be missed… God Bless.

Rifaquat Cheema 722/L : Last night before going to bed, I spoke to Bhatti Sahib' wife and other family members. They were not very optimistic but one can never give up on Allah's mercy. So we were all making Dua. This morning I am facing the reality of life. How fast it can happen. I was quite regular in calling him and if for some reason I was late, first thing he would ask, Is your father o.k. He was always concerned about my father's health and had no idea that he will be gone before him. I shared all my family matters with him and he guided with true sincerity. I also promised to visit with him with my entire family and he inquired about that every time I called. What a great family he has raised. Father of seven loving daughters. True God fearing person. With all authority and power, he was content with his Halal earnings. After retirement, he was teaching tuitions to individual students. If he came across a fast learner, he would cut tution time in half, knowing that he would loose earning for that period. Very few people of that caliber come in this world. Most of us are lucky to have him as our teacher and mentor. May Allah reward him and his family for all the good he has done. Let us always remember that family in our prayers. In shock and grief.

Khursheed Parvez Malik Pappoo 843/L : Please accept my condolences to all Petarians for my House Master Liaquat House for the period 1966 to 1971. Last time I met him at Cadet College Petaro and I also visited his house at Lahore to meet him.

Zahid Pervez 972/I : Indeed it was an honour to be your student, definitely each one of us shall miss your departure. A great loss! May Allah grant him the choicest place in jannah

Tasawar Ahmed 7157/A : No words to express the extent of pain on his leaving this world. May Allah grant him the choicest place in Jannat ul Firdaus and grant his wife and daughters sabr e jameel to bear this loss.

Mahmood Ramzan 7298/L : I did not know what to write at this point because Bhatti saheb was wonderful person as last time i met him In Petaro in November 2009 at the ground breaking ceremony of Petaro secondary school and he was Chief Guest at the Computer thing same day. I met him after 33 years and he recognize me. I remember when swimming pool was out of bound for every house Bhatti Saheb being house master of our house Liaquat house permitted us go and swim if anybody give you hard time tell them to talk to me. He was the best teacher and human being i have ever met May ALLAH give him Jannat and Sabar to family.A nd may ALLAH take care of his family. I am really sad on his demise.

Shoaib Alam N-55 : A nice teacher and lovable personality. He is one of the legendary person of CCP.

Aamir Ahsan Khan N-67/LF : Last few days very tragic, receiving tragic news and today we have yet lost another mentor.

Wasif Malik 7402/L : He was a true legend amongst our teachers, a man of character and integrity. He was also one of the most popular. May Allah grant him the best place in Jannah.

Saleh Ahmed Khan 7437/J : Another elder is gone. the whole generation has passed away and so quickly!!!

Shajar Abbas Khan 75113/L : What a great loss for all of us... With Love and Respect... Till we meet again on the other side SIR

Jamal Nasir 77120/J and Raza Ullah Nasir 7318/Q : This email is from both myself (77120-J) and Raza Ullah Nasir (7318-Q), who has asked me to say something on his behalf, while he remained speechless in grief. All I can say is that I have not wept in long time till this morning. The world has one less good man in it now. His sweetness, simplicity and straight forwardness is being sourly missed and will be remembered whenever his zikr will come up. The moment that is bound to come for all of us...arrived from Bhatti Sahib. Indeed we are from Allah (swt) and to Him we will all return. Ya Allah, he has been marvelous to us...please accept him in Your pleasure. Ameen.

Rafiq Memon 7819/J : I m shocked to learn about the sad demise of our respected teacher Mr. Bhatti. May Allah place his soul in rest. I can recall the times when I felt some difficulty in understanding maths. Bhatti sahib took keen interest to enable me to understand the subject. He devoted extra time at his residence just to let me out of the difficult situation. I stand indebted to the dedicated teacher. May Allah rest his soul in peace.

Mashhood Qazi 7851/L : On behalf of the Members and Managing Committee of the Petarian Association, I would like to express my deepest grief and heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of our most respected teacher, mentor and caring human being Bhatti sb. May Allah rest his soul in peace and award him highest place in Jannat ul Firdous (Aameen). Petarians in Lahore and nearby vicinity are requested to please participate in arrangements for his last journey and lay a wreath of flowers on behalf of the Association to pay homage and tribute to this man of character and wisdom.

Ali Jaffery 8046/LF : May Allah have his mercy on Bhatti Sahib, and give strength to his family.  Gentlemen there is a very practical way in which we can help Bhatti sahib's last wishes.  Every single time I spoke to him and asked "sir is there anything that I can do?" he always had a simple answer ".. baita its hard to find Rishta's for my daughters.. let me know if there is any decent Larka". This is not the time, but let us keep his wishes in mind and do the right thing by his family.

Khalid Ranjhani 82125/J : Indeed this is great loss for all of us. He was great teacher and mentor. May allah grant him choicest place in Jannat. May Allah give sabr to all of us and his family.

Sohail Malik 83140/Q : Today we were all orphaned.  Petaro lost of his main architects, a family lost a great father and Petarians lost one of the most dedicated teachers.  Bhatti Shahib legacy is that of devotion and sacrifice.  His imprint on our lives is profound.  It is indeed a day of mourning.  I hope in a few days after all the eulogies have been expressed we do not forget about his legacy and his sacrifice.  Bhatti Shahib though not for lack of trying left some unfinished business which we as his son’s need to finish.  Bhatti Shaib leaves behind 3 daughters we all need to shoulder the responsibility to make sure they are settled in their homes.  Please send your names to Cheema Bahi if you want to be part of this effort.  Instead of discussing this in public, we will get a small group of volunteers and see if we can work out a plan. 

Javaid Soomro 8593/A : This is indeed a moment of sadness and i am sure many of us have shed thier tears on this unfortunate news. Bhatti sahab for Petarians is like a father and his vision for Petaro was the same as Colonel Coombes. Lets all pray for him and thank his soul for his dedicated life for Petaro

Asfandyar Kayani 85125/I : Very sad to know this thing. No doubt he was very nice gentleman. May God give him Jannat and take care of his family. AMEEN

Manzoor Ali Memon, 85147/L : I have no words to express my heartfelt condolence on the sad demise of my mentor. May Allah rest his soul in peace and grant strength to the family, friends and students to bear this irreparable loss (Inna-Lillahe-wa ina ilehe rajoun).

Atif Musarrat 8885/J : May Allah grant him the choicest place in Jannah and may HE forgive all his sins and give sabr to his family members.

Abdul Sattar Jamali 8966/Q : Shah Latif also said. ghoran ain ghotan Jian thora denhra , kadhan garho ghot kadhain Marh muqam me. so every one have to go. Bhatti sb also taught us . We'll never forget him

Saqib Kayani 88109 : Indeed a great loss for petarian community whoever have known Bhatti sb will never forget him he was one of those  personality who  leaves such an impact on a person that one cannot forget him I count myself  fortunate one who had guidance from him when I joined college. May Allah give sabar to Bhatti sb family to bear such great loss.

Nasir Nadeem 89140/L : Indeed a great loss. May Allah Rest his soul in peace and grant him choicest  place In Jannah

Condolences also sent by:

Azizur Rehman 516/I

Syed Abdul Aziz 6922/LF

Saaduddin Shafi 7047/I

Imdad Jafri 7189/I

Nazir Malik 7406/Q

Raheel Khan 7743/J

Nasir A. Mehmood 79113/I

Dr. Syed Saifur Rehman 80115/J

Rana Shoukat 8113/J

Ali Sabri 8159/I

Sikandar Zardari  8186/J

Mukhtar Jat 8190/I

Imran Yamin 8472/Q

Imran Latif 84152/L

Asif Iqbal Rizvi 8898/L

Wajeehuddin Ahmed 89160/LF

Abdul Rasool Memon 9121/A

Yasir Masood 91109/J

Fawad Ashraf 9266/Q

Khurram Ghouri 9443/J

Atif Zia 94111/A

Owais Ali, 2003148/J