Cdre. Ishaq Taihan

The Twentyfirst Adjutant (1992-1995)

Cdre. Ishaq Taihan - 2011

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, Kit no. 671, Latif House

Lt.PN Ishaq Taihan was the twentyfirst adjutant of Cadet College Petaro and he served in that position from 1992-1995.

He was born on 1 June 1964 in the Hunza Valley (Gilgit-Baltistan), and got married to Mrs. Nasreen on 13 October 1990. They have five children - Sunnan Haider, Laraib Zehra, Ayim Zehra, Ribbal Zehra and Tatheer Zehra.

Ishaq Taihan acquired his early education (primary and secondary) at the High School Karimabad in Hunza (Gilgit-Baltistan) and he completed his Matric from the same school in 1980. He then joined the Pakistan Navy Junior Cadet College Karachi in Feb 1981 from where he completed his Intermediate in 1982.

Right after passing out from the PN Junior Cadet College, he joined the Pakistan Naval Academy and was commissioned an officer in June 1985 in the Operations Branch. After getting commission, the officer underwent basic training and professional education at PN ships Babur, Jauhar, Bahadur and Shahjehan during 1985-88. Very early in his career, Ishaq Taihan got an opportunity to command a number of fast attack and patrol vessels in 10th Patrol craft squadron during 1988-90. He then moved on to serve as operations and gunnery officer onboard PN Ships Siqqat (1990-91) and Tabuk (1991-92). He is an above water warfare (gunnery) specialist.

While he was still a lieutenant in the Navy, he was posted as adjutant at Cadet College Petaro during 1992-1995. His tenure as adjutant was primarily under Principal Capt.PN S.I. Malik (later commodore). He did spend ten months also under Principal Capt.PN S.Q.Raza (later commodore) as well.  He has some very good memories of the days he spent at Petaro and he cherishes those.

During his tenure as adjutant, he brought revolutionary changes in cadets' daily routine focussing on personality and leadership grooming of the cadets. His particular focus in sports brought laurels to college at inter-collegiate, inter-cadet colleges and provincial levels. He focussed specially on personality grooming of cadets through leadership exercises conducted in some of the very challenging and unique environments all over the province. Such exercises were conducted at Ranikot Fort, Manchhar Lake and in the swamps of Indus River area, which gave the cadets a new dimension to evaluate and build on their personalities and personal traits. His personal efforts in taking the college riding team for the first time to Horse and Cattle Show at Jacobabad not only earned respect and reputation but equally explored the daunting spirit of the riding team to be the best amongst the very best from all over the country. It was in Jacobabad that the college riding team under their new adjutant snatched the championship from Sargodha Greens - Pakistan's best tent pegging team. This feat was achieved consecutively in 1993-1994 & 1994-1995 as well. The victories were more important as Sargodha Greens had been winning this championship consecutively since 1967. During the prize winning announcements at the venue, the CCP riding team was declared the Pride of the Province for this extraordinary achievement. As a reward, the college team was given 16 horses and cash prizes during these two years. Many of the existing horses in college riding club are the ones won during those competitions including the famous Cupid - the college captain's horse. President Zardari - who was then Federal Minister Environment - also gave 4 thoroughbred horses for this outstanding performance to the college.

Adjutant Lt.PN Ishaq not only remained focussed in cadets' personality and leadership development but contributed with same zeal and focus in improving the college's overall outlook and facilities. He was able to irrigate over 80 acres of barren land surrounding college premises and planted hundreds of mango and lemon trees through voluntary work. He lead the men working under him in departments with self example and without spending any significant money, and was thus able to achieve these successes. Some of his other initiatives and achievement include conversion of clay fields into grassy grounds in existing stadium, re-carpeting of all internal roads and establishing cemented footpaths in colony and college area, improvements in shooting and riding facilities, re-establishment of ISSB village, improvements in MT area, restarting of college swimming pool after 10 years, initiation of cross country exercises for entire college, concept of arranging collective transport for cadets to all cities during breaks, and more frequent interaction of parents with teaching staff. He also established a special, warmer and beneficial relationship with teaching staff thus integrating some of the dynamic teachers into his team thereby multiplying the achievements in day to day undertakings. Cdre Ishaq recalls that he gave over 17-18 hours daily to college during his stay at Petaro.

Reverting back to the mainstream Navy service in 1995, he served primarily on the sea. Some of the important appointments at sea include Commanding officer of a MSA Corvette (1995-98), EXO and CO of PN Ships NASR (2001-02 & 2004-06) and Zulfiquar (2002-03) and Commander 10th Patrol Craft Squadron in 2009-10. Ashore he has been Staff Officer Operations to COMKAR (2003-04), Naval Provost Marshal (Islamabad) in 1999-2001, Chief Inspector (Navy) at NHQ during 2006-07, Director PNTS in 2007-08 and Commodore Training Ashore (CTA) at HQ COMKAR (2010-11).

He is a graduate of Naval War College Lahore and holds masters degrees from National Defense University Islamabad (2008-09) and War Academy, Istanbul, Turkey in 2007.

In 2011, he proceeded to the USA to complete a one year War Course at National Defence University at Ft.Lesley J. McNair in Washington DC, USA.

While he was the CTA to COMKAR during 2010-11, he was again affiliated with Petaro by being a member of the Board of Governors of Cadet College Petaro. It gave him an opportunity to visit Petaro several times once again and be involved with its governance.

For his meritorious services, he was awarded the Tamgha-e-Basalat and the CNS Letter of Commendation.

At present, he is serving Pakistan Navy as a Commodore.