Lt.Cdr. Rana Qamar Zia

The Twenty-eighth Adjutant (2006-2009)

Lt.Cdr. Rana Qamar Zia - 2007

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, Kit no. 671, Latif House

Lt.Cdr. Rana Qamar Zia was the twenty-eighth adjutant of Cadet College Petaro from 2006-2009.

He was born on 1 January 1973, and got married to Mrs. Saima 6 October 1994. They have three children - Qasim, Abdullah and Fatima.

Qamar Zia belongs to Dist. Khushab in Punjab.

The Golden Jubilee celebrations of Petaro in February 2007 took place while he was still the adjutant. Qamar Zia played a very important role in making arrangements for the security and the display of the cadets during the visit of President Pervez Musharraf to the college during the celebrations.

Qamar Zia also made a very important sacrifice for the college. During his tenure at CCP, the problem of local land grabbers reached its heights. These people wanted to grab the college land hoping to make a fortune out of the college. The Principal of the college Cdre. Abid Saleem took a principled stand to stop all illegal activity and secure the college land through proper legal means. Lt. Cdr. Qamar Zia was instrumental in assisting the Principal to maintain this position.

On November 6, 2006, a commotion was created by miscreants at one of the boundaries of the college. They tried to break the fence and move the posts. The Principal, Adjutant and 5 petty officers reached the spot unarmed, hoping to talk to these people and diffuse the situation. As the college party arrived at the scene, the miscreants opened fire on the college staff with shot guns, injuring all of them. Lt.Cdr. Qamar Zia was in the front and he took the brunt of the fire. 147 pellets got lodged in his body.

He was rushed to the CMH at Hyderabad. Fortunately, he survived and recovered. However, many of the small pellets still remain in his body. As a result of this injury, his career has been stunted in the Navy. He paid this heavy price for the sake of the college. We Petarians salute him for his bravery and his sacrifice. We hope that the Navy will compensate him adequately for this personal loss.

After leaving Petaro, Lt.Cdr. Qamar was posted back to Karachi at PNS Mehran. Currently, he is posted at the Pakistan Naval Engineering College, PNS Jauhar at Karachi.