Photo Gallery - PI Islamabad - December 2011

DINNER for Khalid Hashmi (81), Fakhruddin (518), Abrar Mani (7181)- ISLAMABAD PETARIANS (PI), Hangout - December 2011

  1. Photographs of the Evening by Imran Latif, 84152

Report By: Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Dear Brothers

We were honoured to have three guests visiting Islamabad recently and we organized a dinner at "Ye Olde Hangout" Restaurant on a short notice. Our guests were:

  1. Khalid Hashmi Bhai (81/Latif) from Edmonton, Canada

  2. Cdr(R) Malik Fakhruddin (518/Latif) from Saudi Arabia

  3. Cdr.(R) Abrar Mani (7181/Ayub) from Mississauga, Canada

This took place on Thursday, 22 December. "Ye Olde Hangout" is located in F-7 Markaz (Jinnah Super Market) and it is owned by a Petarian Lt.Col. Moneir Aslam Malik, 427/Iq. He reserved the innner hall separately for us and we had a great time there.

In fact we also wanted Sohail Qureshi bhai, kit no. 175 to also join us. He was in Islamabad last week visiting from Virginia, USA. Unfortunately, he left a day earlier.

Imran Latif was our official photographer as usual. Please dont miss his remarks on the picasa album he uploaded (see link above).

Those who attended this gathering were as follows:

  1. Khalid Hashmi bhai, kit no. 81

  2. Lt.Col. Moneir Aslam Malik, 427

  3. Zubair Awan, 502

  4. LtCol Shafqat Nazar Chatha, 515

  5. LtCdr Malik Fakhruddin, 518

  6. Col Zahoor Malik 522

  7. Raja Mohammed Aslam, 527

  8. Tariq Pervez 530

  9. Tallat Mahmood Khan, 590

  10. Major Zulfiqar Kayani, 604

  11. Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671

  12. Masood Hassan Khan 742

  13. Dr. Nadeem Zaigham 808

  14. Muhammad Ibrahim 973

  15. Brig.Dr. Maqsoodul Hassan 6840

  16. Dr. Zahoor Raja 7119

  17. Masood Zaman 7166

  18. LtCdr Abrar Mani 7181

  19. Kausar Iqbal Malik 7220

  20. Imran Latif 84152

I met Aslam 527 that night after 45 years. That was really great. And there were many more emotional meetings too.

I want to thank our visitors for giving us the opportunity to host them. I am indebted to Khalid Hashmi bhai who has been in touch for the past over a decade, and to Abrar Mani who I met for the first time too. It was really so refreshing to meet both of them. Fakhruddin is my old pal and I have no words to express my happiness to see him almost every year.