Photo Gallery - PI Islamabad - November 2011

ANNUAL DINNER - ISLAMABAD PETARIANS (PI), Navy Swimming Pool - November 2011

  1. Photographs of the Evening

Report By: Tallat Mehmood Khan, 590/Jinnah

Dear Brothers

assalamo alaikum

I finally got the photographs and videos of this great function and gathering we had of Petarians on last Saturday 26 November night. We had a professional photographer this time.

This was probably the largest gathering of Petarians in Islamabad in recent times. It would have been larger had it not been for the last minute weddings and the start of Muharram. Many of our friends could not join because of this. But still we had 75 Petarians plus their families - a total of around 125 people who attended.

Our chief guests were LtGen Alam Jan Mahsud (2nd Adjutant), and ex-teachers Mr. Affan Maqsood and Mr. M.K. Mughal. I am thankful to our chief guests for gracing the occasion.

We were lucky to have friends who came from Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Abbotabad and Chakwal. Their names are give in the list below. Thank you very much friends.

People started gathering around 7:15pm and they had enough time for socializing before we started the function at 8:30pm.

Kazi Zulkader, 671 was the master of ceremonies for the evening. He started out by calling on each Petarian to rise up and introduce his name. He then called upon different people to come and give short speeches. Those who came to the podium and spoke were:

  1. Senior most Petarian of the evening - Ali Naqi Naqvi Bhai, kit no. 2 who had come from Lahore.
  2. Lt.Col. Younus Changezi "Tarzan" 788 - who had come from Karachi
  3. Cdre. Abid Saleem 589 - First Petarian Principal
  4. Perways Inam 567 - who came from Faisalabad, and wrote and read a satirical poem about me.
  5. Shahid Mahmud 74104 - who was one of the first to start Petarian activities in Islamabad in 1980s
  6. Wamiq Anwar 659 - who had come from Lahore
  7. Rear Admiral Imdad Jafri 7189 - who had come from Karachi
  8. Mr. M.K. Mughal - our English ex-teacher
  9. Mr. Affan Maqsood - our English ex-teacher
  10. Lt.Gen Alam Jan Mahsud - our ex-adjutant

This was followed by group photographs. We took photos according to each House and also the total group. You can see these in the website above.

Dinner was served. I got so many good comments from everyone on the quality of the food at this gathering.

While dinner was coming to an end, Nadeem Zaigham 808 and his daughter entertained us for nearly an hour with their songs. They were the stars of the evening.

We had great fun, and despite the cold that evening, people didnt really want to leave. The gathering dispersed around 11:30pm.

Those who attended this gathering are as follows:

Kit No. Name

Adjutant Lt.Gen. Alam Jan Mahsud

Teacher Mr. M. K. Mughal (visiting from Chakwal)

Teacher Mr. Affan Maqsood

2 Ali Naqi Naqvi (visiting from Lahore)

134 Lt. Col. Fayyaz Rana

263 R. Adm. Saeed Sargana

265 Capt. Mahmood Ali Yousuf

273 Maj. M. Arshad Raja (visiting from Faisalabad)

280 M. Zafar Khan

283 Lt.Col. Khalid Siddiqi

297 Brig. Abid Abaidullah

453 Brig. Khalid Aslam

457 Anwar Memon (visiting from Karachi)

460 Zafarullah Khattak (visiting from Peshawar)

500 Maj. Sakhawat Ali Shah

502 M. Zubair Awan

522 Col. Zahoor Malik

530 Tariq Pervez

533 Brig. Naseem Akhtar Khan (visiting from Karachi)

567 Perways Inam (visiting from Faisalabad)

589 Cdre. Abid Saleem

590 Tallat M. Khan

604 Maj. Zulfiqar Kayani

647 Sajjad Haider Rana

659 Wamiq Anwar (visiting from Lahore)

662 Tariq Hussain Awan (visiting from Abbotabad)

671 Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui

Y-10 Lt.Col. Imtiaz Hashmi

717 Javaid Sultan

735 Brig. Mansoor Saeed

788 Lt. Col. M Younus Changezi (visiting from Karachi)

808 Nadeem Zaigham

821 Maj. Iftikhar Zaidi

837 Col. Tajammulís family

872 Brig. Salik Javaid

883 Tariq Mahmood

6857 Cdre. Sajid Hashmi

6865 Capt. Shafqat Sami

6881 Dr. Tariq Mahmood

6904 Late Dr. Khalid Zaheerís family

6928 Ateeq Nawaz

6981 M. Amjad Ali

69131 Dr. Javed Malik

7165 Dr. Khawar Khan

7166 Masood Zaman

7178 Cdre. Farrukh Mahfooz

7189 R. Adm. Imdad Jafri

7220 Kausar Iqbal Malik

N-39 Cdre. M. Azhar

7406 Gp.Capt. Dr. Nazir Malik

74104 Shahid Mahmud

8135 Ashar M. Malik (visiting from Lahore)

84116 Ayaz Ahmed

84131 Lt. Col. Tariq Mahmood

84152 Imran Latif

8574 Naveed Rao

85103 Mansoor Cheema

85144 Lt. Cdr. Faisal Siddiqui

8871 Maj. Altaf ur Rehman

8913 Athar Bukhari

8968 Sqn.Ldr. Faisal Nadeem Memon

8990 Zahid Sultan

89133 Tippu Iqbal

9141 Faisal Mahmood

9160 Roshan Ali Shah

9446 Azeem Maqsood

95150 Abdul Sami Rajput

9624 Capt. M. Naeem

9643 Dr. Yasir Raza

96115 Yasir Ahmed Panhwar

96181 Raja Imran

98118 Atif Ahmed Baloch

2005001 M. Haris

2005053 Hammaad Salik

We will upload the videos of this function on Youtube soon and let you know.

Thanks to all those who came, and we hope that those who missed this great evening will join us for the next one. We will announce the date soon inshallah.