Photo Gallery - Petarian Dinner at London - July 2011

DINNER with visitors Shahbaz Malik and Khalid Ranjhani at London - 7 July 2011

Report By Javaid Soomro 8593/A

We had a wonderful evening in London Southbank tonight (7 July 2011) in the honour of Khalid Ranjhani (President PAUAE) and Shahbaz Malik (President TPA).

The following Petarians attended:

  1. Ali Gul Metlo 7467/J

  2. Qaisar Zaman 7523/I

  3. Waheed Rehman Metlo 8129/I

  4. Shahbaz Ali Memon 8255/J

  5. Shahbaz Malik 82105/I, (President TPA) visiting from Karachi

  6. Khalid Ranjhani 82125/J (President PAUAE) visiting from Dubai

  7. Javaid Soomro 8593/A

  8. Mujawar Malik 8797/J

  9. Sheeraz Hassan Shaikh 9676/LF

It was a wonderful evening despite the struggle to meet on a working day. Most of Petarians could not make it.

After a nice dinner we all went for a walk along river Thames and Qaisar Bhai hunted down a coffee shop which was open late. The gathering was typical Petarian gathering with lots of jokes and remembering our beloved teachers and brothers like Kazi Bhai, Ikram Ghani Bhai, Kamal Bhai, Mansoor Qureshi and Baweja Bhai.

We also spoke with Aurangzeb Bhai over the phone in Saudi Arabia and he blessed us with his kind words.

He asked me over the phone "how many are you?"

I said "Ten"

Aurangzeb Bhai said "Tum Das nahi Ek Hazaar ho"

My heart grew so big that I felt like the luckiest person in this world for being part of this family and brotherhood.