Photo Gallery - PI Islamabad - July 2011


Report By: Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Two days have passed since our gathering and it has been raining in Islamabad off and on, and today it is incessant rain.

However, we were extremely fortunate on Saturday evening (23 July) when we had simply beautiful and cool weather with light clouds. And the Petarian gathering at the Navy Sailing Club on Rawal Lake was in a super environment.

There were 41 Petarians who showed up and many of them had their families with them. In total, the number of people in attendance was around 75 or so.

There were four people who were honoured this time as follows. Tallat had arranged bouquets of flowers for them.

  1. Dr. Fazlur Rehman Kazi, 795 who has been recently promoted to be Ambassador of Pakistan to Cambodia

  2. CaptPN Azizur Rehman 516 for performing Umra

  3. Masood Zaman 7166 for performing Umra

  4. Kausar Iqbal Malik 7220 for performing Umra

May Allah accept their umra and dua.

We were also fortunate that we had 6 visitors from outside Islamabad/Pindi area at this gathering. These were:

  1. Abdul Rashid Abro 370 (ex-President TPA) from Karachi

  2. Mohammed Ali Khan Durrani, 482 from Lahore

  3. Dr. Khalilur Rehman Kazi, 6927 from Hyderabad

  4. Flt. Lt. Ali Jan Sirhindi, 99153, visiting from Chakwal

  5. Flying Off. Jamal Abdul Nasir, 2001054 visiting from Mianwali

  6. Waqar Nasim Hashmi 2003066, visiting from Karachi

It is a blessing to have visitors.

During the meeting, it was decided that the next gathering will be on 17 September - which will be an Eid Milan party.

We also talked about the projects at Jhimpir, Islamabad and the scholarship programs which everyone appreciated. Many of us will be supporting the projects.

Following is a list of Petarians who were present.

  1. Saeed Ahmed Sargana, 263
  2. Abdul Rashid Abro, 370 (visiting from Karachi)
  3. Maj(R) Shahid Anwar, 435
  4. Mohammed Ali Khan Durrani, 482 (visiting from Lahore)
  5. Sakhawat Ali Shah 500
  6. Zubair Awan 502
  7. CaptPN Azizur Rehman 516
  8. CaptPN TJ Siddiqui, 535
  9. Tallat Mehmood Khan 590
  10. Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui 671
  11. Brig Mansoor Saeed 735
  12. Masood Hassan Khan 742
  13. Dr. Fazlur Rahman Kazi 795
  14. Muhammad Ibrahim, 973
  15. Dr. Tariq Mahmood, 6881
  16. Dr. Khalilur Rahman Kazi 6927
  17. Muhammad Amjad Ali 6981
  18. Dr. Javed Malik 69131
  19. Khan Arif Masud 70111
  20. Cdre. Misbah Chohan, N-29
  21. Dr. Zahoor Tahir 7119
  22. Masood Zaman, 7166
  23. Kausar Iqbal Malik 7220
  24. Lt.Col. Shahid Hamid 7589
  25. Qamar Hussain Lakho 8447
  26. Ayaz Ahmed 84116
  27. Imran Latif 84152
  28. Roshan Ali Shah 9160
  29. Shakeel Ahmed Baloch 91138
  30. Abdul Sami Rajput 95150
  31. Umer Bashir Bajwa, 9618
  32. Dr. Yasir Raza Memon, 9643
  33. Imran Akhtar, 96181
  34. Atif Ahmed Baloch 98118
  35. Flt. Lt. Ali Jan Sirhindi, 99153 (visiting from Chakwal)
  36. Flt Lt. Khadim Hussain Baloch 2001050
  37. Flying Off. Jamal Abdul Nasir, 2001054
  38. Ibtisam Elahi 2003038
  39. Talha Mujahid 2003043
  40. Waqar Nasim Hashmi 2003066 (visiting from Karachi)
  41. Mubashir Bangash 2003136

Imran Latif, our official photographer did a great job of making sure all of us are in the photos. You can see the photos by visiting the link at the top of this page.

Thank you Imran for the great job.

This is a wonderful tradition here in Islamabad where we are getting together every month just because we are Petarians. I must thank Tallat 590/J for the wonderful job he is doing to arrange all the logistics, food etc.

In addition to Tallat, other members of the organizing committee include Arif Masud and Mubashir Bangash and Imran Latif. Great job guys.