Photo Gallery - Riyadh Get Together - May 2010

Lunch at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 2 May 2010 in honour of Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui

Lunch at CocoPalm Restaurant, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

by Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui

My first stop on the way to the USA was at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a day on 2 May 2010 before I proceeded to Makkah for umrah. I was truly honoured by our brothers there over lunch at the CocoPalm Restaurant. The restaurant his located right behind Riyadh Palace Hotel and next to Azizia Panda and Hara.

The food was very good and the company was even better.

Those who attended the lunch were:

    1.    Kazi Zulkader 671

    2.    Shaikh Abdus Sami 7123

    3.    Dr. Abdul Latif Mahesar 7152

    4.    Tasawar Ahmed 7157

    5.    Dr. Mujahid Khan 7941

    6.    Dr. Saeed Vohra 7950

    7.    Abdul Sattar Jamali 8966

    8.    Shahid Islam 9019