Gift To Petaro







Over 400 ex-cadets converged upon Cadet College Petaro on the weekend of 24-26 December 2004 for the Petarian Convention 2004 – the first ever such event held in the history of Petaro.  Combined with the nearly 350 students from Classes 11 and 12 and teachers, the total number of delegates was over 750. The theme of the convention was “Petarians for Pakistan”


Various issues were discussed during the convention with regards to Pakistan, Petaro and the role of Petarians in the development of this country.


In particular, the delegates to the convention realized that they got the “BEST AVAILABLE” education in Pakistan, which is provided at Cadet College Petaro.


We Petarians are thankful to our teachers, to Cadet College Petaro, and to our country for getting this “BEST AVAILABLE” education in Pakistan, and we are well cognizant of this fact.


However, the delegates also realized that the “BEST AVAILABLE” education in Pakistan is trailing way behind the rest of the world.


Realizing the growing tremendous gap between this “BEST” in Pakistan and the rest of the world, the delegates expressed a desire to contribute towards:

  1. programs for access of quality education for all Pakistanis
  2. aim towards excellence in education at Cadet College Petaro and many other similar institutions in the country
  3. identify talent for grooming future leaders in Pakistan, and provide them the opportunity to achieve this objective.


The delegates also expressed a realization that we cannot bring about total change in this country, nor can we solve its problems.  However, we can work towards change in focused areas, particularly with respect to Cadet College Petaro and its programs.


In this regard, the delegates resolved to work towards:

  • Improving the standard of teachers and the quality of the educational programs through teacher training and through encouraging open merit for teacher selection at Cadet College Petaro
  • Encouraging and supporting programs of continuing education for teachers
  • Generating scholarship funds for creating equal opportunities for students who cannot afford quality education
  • Promoting creativity, philosophical and ethical thought, and social sciences education to enhance the need for value based education and responsibility in society
  • Evaluating and supporting programs in other sectors of social and infrastructure development
  • Bringing about change in society through personal example, civic responsibility, introspection and self correction
  • Supporting research and development in Pakistan, moving from dependence on Western technology to self-reliance
  • Establishing a solar lab at Cadet College Petaro, and a project to heat the swimming pool with solar energy
  • Developing career development programs for students at Cadet College Petaro through seminars, interactive sessions and internet websites
  • Arranging of funds for support of education in District Dadu


The delegates also recommended that the Board of Governors of Cadet College Petaro should review its policy on seventh class, and with the intention of possible revival of this program only for the benefit of the poor rural class of Sindh without loopholes, and at an appropriate time when the resources can be made available.


The delegates to the convention also demonstrated their commitment to Cadet College Petaro by collecting a fund of over Rs. 30 lacs which will be disbursed through the Petarian Foundation and utilized with the cooperation of the Board of Governors of Cadet College Petaro for funding better quality teachers at the college. The mode of disbursement and allocation of details will be worked out in consultation and in conjunction with the management and Board of Directors of Cadet College Petaro.


Finally, the delegates expressed their utmost gratitude to the Chairman Board of Governors, the Principal/Commandant, all the Staff members, all employees and workers right down to the bearers and peons at Cadet College Petaro for making this convention into a memorable event for ever.