Adnan Sharif, 95137/Iqbal

The Thirtieth Adjutant (2010-2011)

Major Adnan Sharif - 2010

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Adnan Sharif, kit no. 95137/iqbal House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1995 in 8th class and left the college in 2000 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 13 February 1982 at Karachi and got married to Mrs. Daniya on 19 December 2008. They have 1 daughter - Haya. Adnan is the son of Cdr.(R) Muhammad Sharif.

Adnan went back to Petaro in 2010 in the position of Adjutant as a Captain (Army). A couple of months later he was promoted to the rank of a Major.  He is the thirtieth adjutant of the college.

During his last year at Petaro as a cadet, he was appointed the Cadet Captain of Iqbal House. He was the Captain of the College Basketball team and Vice-Captain of the College Athletics Team. He was captain of the college Karate team for four consecutive years (1995-1998).

He was also good at studies. He got second position in Hyderabad Board in HSC part 1, and 5th position in the Board in HSC part 2.

After passing out from Petaro he joined Pakistan Military Academy in Nov 2000 with the 106 PMA Long Course. Adnan graduated from PMA in 2002 and joined 19 Azad Kashmir Regiment. During his 10 years of service he has served at Mangla, Kashmir, Okara, Quetta, Chhor, Skardu and has participated in active operations at (WANA) and Siachin with his parent unit. In addition, he has done his Young Officers and Mid career courses from School of Infantry & Tactics Quetta. He has served as GSO - 3 in an infantry brigade.

As adjutant at Petaro, he was also Officer In Charge of security of the college, riding club, shooting club, karate club, gymnastics, swimming pool, basketball and ISSB training. He is also responsible for the overall discipline at college and the physical and parade training.

After nearly 2 years service at Petaro, Adnan reverted back to his parent unit.