Shahbaz Ali Malik, 82105/Iqbal

Shahbaz Ali Malik - 2007

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Shahbaz Ali Malik, kit no. 82105/Iqbal House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1981 in 7th Class and left the college in 1985 after completing his Matric.

He was born on 7 March 1969, and got married to Dr. Nousheen on 25 December 1993. They have three children - Shawwal, Nashrah and Sheezal.

Shahbaz Malik was known for athletics at Petaro. He was a good sprinter, and obtained the first position in 100m and 400m races, second position in 100m x 4 relay race, 200m relay race and in medley race. He also used to play hockey, football, basketball, table tennis, chess, badminton, and tennis.

After leaving Petaro, Shahbaz moved to Lawrence College Ghora Galli from where he completed his Intermediate in 1987. Later on obtained his MA degree in Economics from Sindh University in 1996 and an MBA in 1998.

Shahbaz is a very young entrepreneur. He inherited the family business and joined the group actively in 1991 as Technical Director of the Popular Group of Industries. In 1996, he was promoted to the postiion of Executive Director of the Group, and then finally became the Managing Director of the family owned Popular Group of Industries in 2002. He still holds this position.

The group includes Popular Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd at Karachi, Popular Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd at Nooriabad, Popular Fiber Mills (Pvt) Ltd at Nooriabad, Popular Weaving Mills at Nooriabad, Popular Juice Industries (Pvt) Ltd at Risalpur, Popular Trade International at Karachi, Popular Plastics (Pvt) Ltd at Karachi, Popular Match Industries at Tando Adam, and Popular Food Industries (with units at Tando Adam and Lahore).

He has also been very active with various business associations. He was the Commissioner (COC) of PEMRA during 2005-2008. He has been the Chairman of two sub-committees of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, namely Industry and Privatization Sub-Committee (2000-2001) and Labour and Social Welfare Sub-Committee (1999-2000). He was the Chairman of SITE Superhighway Association of Industry, Karachi  (1998-1999 and 2005-2007). He was Chairman of Landhi Association of Trade and Industry (2004-2005) and Co-Chairman of Landhi Industrial Development Board (2004-2005).

Shahbaz Malik has been an active member of the Petarian Association and served on its Managing Committee in different capacities over the years. He was also the President of the Association from 2005-2007 and from 2011-2013. During his tenure, the Association opened chapters in various universities of Karachi. As the President of TPA, he also visited the Annual PANA Reunion at Niagara Falls during 2006.

In addition, he has demonstrated his service to mankind through involvement with a number of social activities and welfare organizations. In particular, he was President of Serve Our Society (SOS) 2004-2012, Organizational Secretary of The Civil Liberties Union of Pakistan 2004-2005, and District Chairman for Public Relations of Lions Club, Pakistan in 2000-2001.

Mr. & Mrs. Shahbaz Malik with Kazi Zulkader at Petaro - Dec 2011