Syed Mohammed Ali Jaffery, 8046/Latif

Ali Jaffery - 2007

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Syed Mohammed Ali Jaffery, kit no. 8046/Latif House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1980 in 8th class and left the college in 1985 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born in 1966 at the Naval Hosptial in Manora, Karachi and got married to Mrs. Samira in 1992. They have two children - Minna and Bilal. They now live in the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Ali's ancestors belong to a respectable and educated family of UP in India. His grandfather was very active in the Pakistan Movement. He was so fervent about it that he wanted to celebrate the first independence day in Pakistan. He immediately moved to Karachi leaving his family behind. In the meantime, he requested another activist friend of his to bring the children with him. That person, without inquiring about the children, assumed that the family had perished and informed Ali's grandfather that his family had been killed in the riots. This false news had a tremendous impact on him and he lost his senses. He died in Giddu Bandar. So when Ali's father and the rest of the family arrived in Pakistan, they had to face a difficult time. Ali's father then ran away from home and joined the Pakistan Navy as a sailor. He retired from the Navy in the same rank, and was known popularly as "Nazim Diver".

Thus, Ali's early education was in Karachi within the Navy school system until he finally moved to Petaro in 1980.

True to the tradition of his ancestors, Ali strived to be the best. He attained the heights at Cadet College Petaro by being appointed the Senior Under Officer (SUO) of his class.

After leaving Petaro, he graduated from Wooster College in the UK. He made his career in the banking industry and has spent a good part of it in the Middle East - in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. At present he is Head of Mutual Funds with National Commercial Bank in Bahrain.

He is also a specialist in Islamic Banking as well.

Ali has a heart of gold. He is an extremely caring person, and is always in the forefront of philanthropic activities - primarily aimed at Petarians. He does not think twice about trying to help those who are under-privileged or in need. He has contributed towards scholarships on need-cum-merit basis on an annual basis through the Petarian Foundation.

It is truly my honour to have known Ali for the past nearly a decade.