Shahid Mahmud, 74104/Liaquat


Shahid Mahmud - 2004

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Shahid Mahmud, kit no. 74104/Liaquat House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1974 and left the college in 1979 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 20 June 1962, and was married to Mrs. Naureen on 17 December 1986. They have three children - Anushay, Shayan and Eeman.

Shahid Mahmud had a great performance at Petaro.  In his final year (1978-79), he was appointed the Senior Under Officer (SUO) of the college. He was also the college captain of the Athletics Team and a member of the College Cricket and Shooting Teams.

After leaving Petaro, Shahid at first joined the Pakistan Navy and was admitted to the Pakistan Naval Academy in the Mechanical Engineering program. After 2 semesters, he opted out and quit the navy. He then joined NED Engineering College, and graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1986.

He obtained a diploma in Management, a Diploma in General Management, and a Diploma in Stores Management from the Institute of Professional Managers, UK in 1988.

Soon after his graduation from NED, Shahid entered his professional life. He became a Director in Paktel, the first cellular phone company in the country. He remained a director until 1998.

In 1990, he also started his own company called Interactive Communications (Pvt) Ltd. in parallel, which has become one of the most important companies in Pakistan in the field of telecommunications and IT consulting and design. He has been the CEO of this company all along. The company is working in the fields of Telecom Consultancy and Project Management, addressing projects of national importance. Among the project, the company has worked as a member of a consortium led by France Telecom SOFRECOM on contract with PTCL conducted their Technical Audit and submitted findings, solutions to make Pak Telecom a well-equipped telecom company. IAC also represents the following firms in Pakistan:

1.       Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd, Hong Kong

2.       Cable & Wireless Communications, UK

3.       France Telecom SOFRECOM, France

4.       Thomson CSF Communications, France for spectrum management software & equipment.

5.       A.T. Dissault, France for fault management systems.

6.       CITIC Technology, China

7.       Telos Engineering Inc., Canada, manufacturer of optical fiber cable and WLL systems.

8.       Uzbekistan Space Commission, Uzbekistan.

9.       Pyramid Research Inc., USA, specializing in research into telecommunications.

In 1996, he also ventured out by establishing joint venture companies. He has been a joint venture partner in Shoa (Pvt) Ltd., PakGlobalStar (Pvt) Ltd, and Shaheen PayTV (Pvt) Ltd. He remained a director and partner in these companies for nearly 10 years.

He was also a founding member of the Indus TV network.

At present, he is the sole owner of the Buraq FM radio network which has services in several cities of Pakistan.

His company Interactive Communications now has branch offices in all the major cities of Pakistan and in several other countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc.

Shahid has also been the founder of the Buraq Society which provides training programs and camps for the brightest teenagers of Pakistan. It is a matter of prestige to have attended a Buraq camp. The society has cooperated with the Pakistan Air Force to provide the best programs.

Shahid is the first civilian from the private sector to have attended the National Defence College (NDC) course in Islamabad. He has also been lecturing at the NDC on different aspects of technology, strategy and world affairs.

He is also in great demand at seminars and conferences on telecommunications and IT as a speaker. He has also written several articles on IT and telecommunications which have been published in journals.

He is also on of the key authors of the IT and Telecom policy of Pakistan.

Shahid has been a great contributor for Petarian causes. He is also a major contributor to the Petarian Foundation and has been its General Secretary. In 2007, he was invited as the chief guest at the Twelfth Class Passing Out Dinner at Petaro. During this function, he donated Rs. 10 million to the college in the form of an IT laboratory, networking of the college and software.

He has been a regular contributor for the Petarian Foundation scholarship program for CCP cadets as well as the largest single contributor for the earthquake relief program run through the Petarian Foundation at Bagh, AJK in 2005-2008. In the past, he was the key mover behind Petarian activities in Islamabad under the auspices of the Petarian Association.

Shahid is a true pride of the Petarians. He is a successful businessman, a great technologist, a thinker, a speaker, and educator and a philanthropist. He is an extremely caring person, and always takes care of Petaro and Petarians. It has been a great honour for me to have known Shahid since 1995, and since then we have been like real brothers.