Muhammad Ibrahim, 973/Latif


Muhammad Ibrahim - 2003

Muhammad Ibrahim - 1969

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Muhammad Ibrahim, kit no. 973/Latif House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1967 after Matric and left the college in 1969 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 7 February 1951 at Chak no. 324/JB Toba Tek Singh, and was married to Mrs. Surayya at Faisalabad on 31 March 1972. They have 5 children - Tahira, Atiya, Tayyab, Tahir and Usman. His youngest Usman (2003194/Iqbal) is a Petarian.

Success is a story that does not repeat itself very often. However, if we were to be asked of a success story among Petarians, Muhammad Ibrahim is a fine example.

Born and bred in the humble environs of Toba Tek Singh, Ibrahim acquired his early education up to class 5 at his village school which was known as Govt Primary School, Chak no.325/JB. He then joined the District Council High School Toba Tek Singh from where he completed his Matric in 1967.

Ibrahim joined Petaro in 1967 in Class XI. That was the year of expansion at Petaro when Iqbal House and Qasim House had been built. Aside from the normal entrants in Class VIII, there was a large contingent of new entrants in Class XI that year.

Kit no. 973 was inducted into Latif House. I can still recall the skinny boy who had the greatest urge in life to acquire a sound education. Ibrahim had come from an Urdu medium school, and was not well equipped to cope with the fast pace of studies in an English medium Cadet College. However, the remarkable aspect is that Ibrahim was the one to obtain the second highest marks in the Intermediate Board examinations from the Petaro contingent. This is indeed the height of achievement through hard work.

Ibrahim was not very far behind in sports activities either. He was a member of the Latif House football team.

After graduation from Petaro, Ibrahim decided to become an Electrical Engineer. This education he acquired from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore with flying colors and specialization in Communication Engineering in 1973. He then worked as a lecturer at the same university during 1974-75. After graduation, he did a diploma in telecommunications from Telecom Staff College, Haripur Hazara in 1978.

Fortunately for him, his parents decided to get him married while he was still a first year student at university - to protect him from the vices of society. Thus, today he is the senior most father among all of his colleagues, with all of his children married.

As an engineer, Ibrahim joined T&T Dept (which is now known as PTCL) in 1976 as Assistant Divisional Engineer, and became an authority on telephony. He rose to be a Divisional Engineer in 1979. That was when he chose to quit and seek his fortunes in Iraq. He joined a Pakistani company called Nazir & Co. in 1980 to lead a project in Iraq, while that country waged a war against Iran. With a small fortune, he returned in 1984 and continued with Nazir & Co. in Pakistan until 1989. That is when he joined Australian Telecom as Technical Advisor in Pakistan.

The late 1980s brought about a boom in the telecommunications business in Pakistan, with a massive expansion program. Over 500,000 new telephone lines were laid in the country, and the work was done by private contracting companies. One of the larger projects in this area was awarded to Sachal Engineering Works (Pvt.) Ltd., which Ibrahim had joined in 1992 as Executive Director for the telecommunications projects. He had taken a risk by quitting a lucrative job with a multinational company and going into business himself. The time was right and so were his calculations. With the blessings of Allah, the Most Gracious, Ibrahim is a successful businessman today in Pakistan. He is one of the most respected names in the telecommunications field in the country. Since then, he has established Sachal Telecom (Pvt) Ltd and Sachal Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Initially Ibrahim was a minority partner in Sachal Telecom, but later acquired total control of the company. The company took projects for optical Fiber Cable laying, copper cable laying, telephone exchange installation, telecom outside plant construction and infrastructure development.

He established Sachal Technologies in 1999 as the sole owner. The company established a payphone service which lasted for a few years. In addition, Sachal Technologies specialized in installation of mobile telephone towers and BTS sites.

In 2006, he has established a branch of his company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under the name of Mohd. Ibrahim Tufail Contracting Co. (MITCO) and spent quite a bit of his time in Riyadh to develop this business. The company specialized in contracting for mobile telecom sites and laying Optical Fiber FTTH cable laying and termination projects.

In 2009 Ibrahim established renewable energy division within his group of companies under the name of Sachal Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd. The company imports and sells solar PV panels and solar geysers. They have also done some projects of solar power generation for homes and installed solar tubewells.

On the social and welfare front, he has been very active with the Arain brotherhood to which he belongs. He was elected President of Arain Society - a social platform of the Arain brotherhood in Islamabad-Rawalpindi area in 2013.

We Petarians are proud to have Muhammad Ibrahim as a colleague of ours. We pray for his further success.