Ch. Shahid Latif, 962/Qasim

Ch. Shahid Latif - 2004

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Ch. Shahid Latif, kit no. 962/Qasim House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1967 in 11th Class and left the college in 1969 after completing his Intermediate. He was popularly known amongst his colleagues as "Sanday Khan".

He was born on 10 February 1952 at Multan, and was married to Mrs. Shamim Akhtar at Multan on 23 March 1979. They have 5 children - Shaista, Farooq, Ayesha, Sumera and Tariq.

He was a member of the college band at Petaro.  His specialty was as one of the side drummers.

After leaving Petaro, Shahid obtained his B.Sc. degree from Punjab University in 1974 and LL.B. from Bahauddin Zakariya University in 1977.

Shahid was an average student at Petaro. But he was an above average human being. He was such a joy to have around. He was so full of life and witty, and he would fill the room with jokes and laughter all the time.

Upon his graduation, he entered into law practice in Multan, and eventually became an advocate at the Punjab High Court in Multan.

I met Sanday Khan after 32 years in 2001 at the first reunion of our 1964-1969 batch at Petaro. He was the same old Sanday Khan. On that morning of 7 Sept 2001, he got back into his act as a side drummer (with Karim Khan 406 as the bass drummer), and made sure that we all marched properly to his beats (see photograph below).

You can judge his humour and humbless from a recording of one of the short movies of that occasion as he was introducing himself. The conversation goes as follows:

Shahid 962 : (pointing to Jahanzeb 675) "I learnt English from this guy."

Jahanzeb 675 : "And he was always a failure in English"

Shahid 962 : "No, no!  I never failed in English. I failed in Urdu so many times. I was from Urdu medium, and continuously I failed in Urdu for 6 times."

I met Shahid a few times after that at Petaro and Islamabad. Every occasion was memorable.

Shahid had kidney problems for some time and he had been on dialysis. In January 2011, his condition worsened and the doctors recommended that both his kidneys were failing, and he must get a transpant done. Then finally on 24 April 2011, he was operated upon at Lahore and his own son donated one of his kidneys. Shahid was on a path of recovery.  However the recovery was slow and he remained very weak.

After being in this state for nearly 4 months, his kidney failed him and he expired on 12 August 2011 at Multan. May Allah grant him the choicest place in jannatul firdaus.

We Petarians are proud to have Sanday Khan as a colleague of ours. Shahid, we will miss you very much.

Shahid Latif - 1968

Shahid Latif (3rd from right) drumming while 1964-1969 batchmates clap and dance at the first reunion of the batch at Petaro in Sept 2001.

Also in picture are L-R: Abid Latif 514, Perways Inam 567, Kazi Zulkader 671, Karim Khan 406, Khalid Jamil Kirmani 509, Shahid Latif 962, Shafqat Hayat Raziq "Chai" 982, Zulfiqar Kayani 604