Khalid Durrani, 80/Jinnah

Cdr.(R) Khalid Durrani - 2009

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Khalid Durrani, kit no. 80/Jinnah House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1959 and left the college in 1964 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 8 May 1948 and got married to Mrs. Seema on 9 July 1971. They have three children - Shazia, Sobia and Mehreen.

Khalid Durrani was appointed the officiating JUO of Jinnah House in 1962-1963 and was given permanent appointment as JUO of the house in 1963-1964.

He was regarded as an excellent debater. He won the Second Prize in All Pakistan Intercollegiate Declamation Contest held in Risalpur in 1962. During the same year, he won the First Prize in English debates, First Prize in Urdu debates and Second prize in Sindhi debates in the College Debating competition. He was also a member of the "Brains Trust" team which won the championship on behalf of Petaro at the First ISSST competition held at Hasan Abdal in 1962. He was also a member of the Jinnah House Spelling Bee team.

He was a good sportsman, and was a member of the College Hockey team. He had a great flair for the arts and was the first President and one of the pioneers of Funkada Dramatic Club. He was also a member of the Horse Riding Club and the College Code of Honour Committee.

After leaving Petaro, he joined Pakistan Navy in 1965. He served the navy in different capacities. He was the Directing Staff in the PN Staff College, and conducted training in the Army Command and Staff College in Quetta. He served as Assistant Director NHQ Islamabad, and Director Defence Communications (Navy) at the GHQ. He successfully established the Defence Communication System (DEFCOM) throughout Pakistan. He was the Commanding Officer / Executive Officer on board different PN ships including guided missile destroyer and submarine chaser. He also served as Adviser to Director Operations of the Royal Saudi Navy in Riyadh.

He took an early retirement from the Navy in 1993 while he was a Commander (Ops) and chose to pursue his career in Human Resources. Over the coming years, he became one of the senior most professionals in Pakistan in this field, demonstrating a successful track record of translating business objectives into HR strategies in multinational companies in the country. He joined Caltex Oil (Pakistan) Ltd. as Manager Industrial Relations, and subsequently worked as Head of Human Resources and Admin with Johnson & Phillips (Pakistan) Ltd. Later on he served the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ltd as the GM / Head of Human Resources and Admin. He then joined AMZ Technologies as SVP and Head of HR and Admin.

At present, he is working as the Head of Human Resources at Hilal Group of Companies which includes Hilal Confectionary (Pvt) Ltd, Kings Food (Pvt) Ltd, Shalimar Food Products, Franchise International, Boost Communications (Pvt) Ltd, and Speedy Distributors (Pvt) Ltd.

Khalid Durrani pursued his studies after Petaro over the years as well. After getting a B.Sc.(Hons) degree from Karachi University, he did his M.A.(Previous) in International Relations from Karachi University in addition to M.A. in English Literature. During later years, he got his M.B.A. in Management from The International Unversity, Missouri, USA. At the same time, he got his LL.B. degree from Karachi University and a Diploma in Industrial and Labour Laws. He has a diploma in Modern Persian.

While he was in service with Pakistan Navy, he qualified from the RN Staff Course from the Royal Navy Staff College at Greenwich, London, UK. Pakistan Navy had selected him for this course for having secured first position in the competitive examination for the selection. He also specialized in communications and electronic warfare from the UK.

He has been active member of the Petarian Association, and has also served as the Jt. Secretary (Publications) of TPA during 1997-1998. He has been a keen writer and also writes articles for DAWN newspaper on Human Resource Management and Development.

Cdr.(R) Khalid Durrani is settled with his family in Karachi.