Mohammed Yunus Changezi, 788/Liaquat

Lt.Col.(R) Yunus Changezi

"Tarzan" - 2003 as Minister

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Mohammed Yunus Changezi, kit no. 788/Liaquat House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1966 in 11th Class and left the college in 1968 after completing his Intermediate.

During his years at Petaro, he was known as "Tarzan", and Petarians to this day remember him by this name alone.

He was born on 4 November 1944, and was married to Mrs. Zeenat. They have four children - Karrar (kit no. 89138/Q), Narjis, Ibrar and Waqar (kit no. 2007189/I).

Tarzan was famous for his football. Petaro never produced another footballer like him. His speed and football kicks ensured that the college team never lost a football match. Goal keepers would prefer to leave the goal post when Tarzan would kick the ball in a penalty stroke. He was a member of the College Football Team, College Hockey Team and College Athletics Team. He is celebrated for being a part of the Famous Forties in 1966 and 1967.

One of the most famous of his football forays was the match between Petaro and Military College Jhelum in December 1966 during the ICCST tournament. One of the members of the opposing team kicked him so hard on his right leg that it got fractured. Once he was hit and it was clear that he was hurt, it led to a real fight between the two sides. Tarzan decided to play with his broken leg. Petaro won the match by two goals due to the spirit demonstrated by Tarzan.

Another interesting story was the famous inter-house football match between Liaquat House and Latif House in 1967. Latif House had 6 College Team players while Liaquat House had only 3. The match lasted for 3 days. On the first two days, the two sides had a draw with one goal each. On the third day, Tarzan made an announcement that Liaquat House should score the first goal and then he would ensure that Latif House would not score. And that is what happened. Once the goal was scored, Tarzan became the back, and became a wall against any ball approaching the goal. He would kick it out so far that no one could approach it. Latif House could not score. When they lost, all his friends on the other side wept that they could do nothing against one player.

Tarzan belongs to the Hazara tribe in Balochistan. When he left Petaro, Cdr. Firoz Shah guided him to join the Pakistan Army.  He rose up to become a Lt. Colonel in the army before he retired in 1994.

He was posted out to East Pakistan in April 1971 along with his unit while the insurgency was at its peak. He was a Lieutenant in the Army. After the end of the 1971 War, he was taken as a Prisoner of War.  Most of his friends thought that he had been killed in operations as he was declared missing. He remained a prisoner at Camp no. 54 Dhanasagar until 27 April 1974. He was amongst the last of the prisoners to return to Pakistan.

While he was in the army, he was the star football player. He was a member of the Pakistan Football team (1969-1971). In later years, he became the coach of the Pakistan National Football Team (1985-1986) and the PIA Football Team (1995-1996). He remained the Chief Selector of the Pakistan Football Team in 1989 and also in 2004-2005. On both occasions when he was the Chief Selector, the Pakistan Team became the Football Champion at the SAF Games.

After retiring from the army, he got a job on contract with the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). He then set up a bakery at DHA, Karachi called the Petarian French Bakery.

Tarzan ran for provincial elections in Balochistan in 2002 and won a seat on the provincial assembly as an independent. He then joined the Balochistan Government and was given the portfolio of Provincial Minister for Environment, Forests, Sports and Youth. He remained a minister until the end of the tenure in 2007. During his tenure as a Minister, 11 stadiums were constructed in the Province of Balochistan which is a record.

He ran again for elections in 2008, but lost his seat by a narrow margin.

Tarzan is also a philanthropist. He tried to promote education within his own Hazara tribe by offering prizes from his own pocket to boys and girls who would be achievers.

Tarzan now has his own business in Quetta. He has his own security services company.

In addition he currently is Football Consultant with Ashraf Sugar Mills Ltd and Zarai Taraqqiati Bank Ltd (ZTBL) since 2010.

Lt.Col.(R) Yunus Changezi

"Tarzan" - 2004