Zahoor Ahmed Khan Wardag, 758/Qasim


Zahoor Ahmed Khan Wardag - 2007

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Zahoor Ahmed Khan Wardag, kit no. 758/Qasim House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1966 in 8th Class and left the college in 1971 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 13 May 1952 and got married to Mrs. Iffat Ara on 1 November 1978. They have 4 sons - Alam Nawaz, Alam Rehman, Azim Alam and Ziaul Islam.

Following months of protracted illness, Zahoor expired at Lahore on 31 May 2012.

After leaving Petaro, Zahoor graduated as a Marine Engineer from the Pakistan Marine Academy in 1977.

Zahoor was a very innovative engineer. He was ingenious in the way he designed and constructed boilers, vessels, process equipment, structures and other types of works. He provided these services to numerous factories in the Punjab.

He had built his own company called Wardag Engineering Services and was the Managing Director of the company.

Most of the people on Petarians forum had never interacted with Zahoor. But the Petarians in Lahore have known him very closely. He was a pillar of the Petarian community in Lahore and was always at the forefront of supporting Petarian activities there. Whenever he would come to Islamabad, he would call me without fail and would come to see me.

Zahoor was an extremely loving person and would never flinch at trying to support any Petarian. He was at Petaro at most of the major events to be with all of us. He was one of the humblest of people I have met and extremely loving. He was truly a wonderful person and I am honoured to have known him.

You can imagine his love for Petaro and Petarians by the simple fact that he approached me one day and wanted to donate up to 200 kanals of his family land near Lahore to build a Petaro style college in Lahore. We weren’t geared up to take on this project. And besides, we would have required up to $3 million to build the campus which we did not have. We could not take it forward.

Unfortunately, during his last few years, he faced various problems. His business suffered along with the rest of the industry in Pakistan. He had over extended himself in the services he provided to various businessmen and got stuck with huge outstanding receivables in the market. This also meant that he could not cater to his liabilities in terms of credit he had taken from the market to deliver on his contracts.

Despite all the financial woes, Zahoor did not turn to friends to help him or bail him out. Instead, this led to severe psychological problems and a state of depression. This had an impact on his health and his health started to fail him over the past 3-4 months. He was hospitalized and started to sink gradually.

I must salute Ch. Wamiq Anwar (kit no. 659) and other brothers in Lahore who tried to support Zahoor and assist him in coming out of his state of depression during his last days. Unfortunately, he was in a spiral and never came out of it. His problems took a toll on him and he left us behind.

I am indeed happy to say that I got to know Zahoor so closely over the past few years and to see what a wonderful man he was. He was a great human being and a fantastic Petarian. I will miss his warmth and love extremely. It is not easy to find genuine persons like him anywhere.

May Allah grant Zahoor the choicest place in jannatul firdaus and give his family and children the sabrun jameel to bear this loss. And I pray for his children that may they overcome the difficulties and build a good future for themselves.

Zahoor, I will miss you very much. I will miss your calls and your voice and your visits. And I will miss you whenever I go to Lahore. Your reward will be great.