Mir Inayat Ali Talpur, 68170/Ayub

Mir Inayat Ali Talpur - 2013

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Mir Inayat Ali Talpur, kit no. 68170/Ayub House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1968 in 8th Class and left the college in 1973 after completing his Intermediate.

 He was born on 24 October 1952 at Tando Mohd. Khan.

He expired on 8 September 2014 at Singapore and buried at his home town of Tando Mohd. Khan.

Mir Inayat belonged to the royal Talpur family of Tando Mohd. Khan that has been into politics for generations. His father was Mir Aijaz Ali Talpur and his grandfather was Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur. They belong to the Shahwani branch of the Talpurs.

His grandfather Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur was a member of the Muslim League and was elected several times to the National Assembly. He remained a minister in most of the governments prior to Ayub Khan.

Likewise his father Mir Aijaz Ali Talpur was an MNA and was elected several times.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Mir Inayat also entered politics. He was elected the District Nazim of Tando Mohd. Khan District in 2005 as a part of the PML-Q. He was also elected an MNA.

In August 2012, he joined the Functional Muslim League PML-F of Pir Pagara along with other members of his family. However he lost the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly elections of 2013.

Due to his illness, he went to Singapore for treatment. Unfortunately, he didn't survive and expired at Singapore on 8 September 2014. He was buried at Tando Mohd. Khan.

Mir Inayat Ali Talpur 2013

Mir Inayat Ali Khan Talpur delivering speech 2013

Mir Inayat Ali Khan Talpur 2014

Mir Inayat Ali Khan Talpur speaking to press on 18-2-2012