Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, 655/Iqbal

Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi - 2010

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, kit no. 655/Iqbal House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1965 in Latif House. The following year (1966), he moved to Iqbal House when that was constructed. He left the college in 1970 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 9 September 1953, and got married to Mrs. Ruth. They have two children - Asif and Evan. The family is settled in Boston.

Ali Nasir was a brilliant student at Petaro. He stood first in Board exams both in Matric and in Intermediate in the entire Hyderabad Board. As a result he was given the Stick of Honour in 1970.

He was also the JUO of Iqbal House in 1969-1970.

He was at the forefront of extracurricular activities as well. He was the President of the Funkada Dramatic Society. He was a fine debater and became the President of the English Debating Society as well. He was also the Editor-in-Chief of The Cadet Magazine in 1970.

He is a man of great qualities. He is the best at humour, poetry and prose. He is truly a man of letters and is able to bring satire to its heights.

Ali and I joined Petaro together in 1965 - he in 8th class, and I in 9th class. We were together at the Petaro entrance exams and medical tests at PNS Shifa in Karachi. I was suffering from jaundice at that time and was very sick. But the doctors had no clue. On that day of our medical tests at PNS Shifa, we were all given bottles to produce our urine for test. As each candidate emerged from the toiled with his bottle, Ali would immediately call out the name of a drink that could be similar in colour - lemon juice, Fanta, etc, and everyone would laugh. When I emerged with my bottle, there was a big laugh as he said "Coca Cola". The urine was very dark in colour due to presence of bile in it. The doctors were horrified. That is when we discovered that I was suffering from jaundice, and I was asked to go home to take full rest and come back after 6 weeks for medical tests again.

After leaving Petaro, Ali moved to Ankara, Turkey in 1970 to study at the Middle East Technical University (METU). He obtained his Bachelors degree in Architecture. In later years, he moved to the USA and obtained his Masters in Urban Design with distinction from Harvard University in 1983.

He has been settled down in Boston for over 30 years now. He was an Associate of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) for four years as a Senior Project Manager. He served in the same capacity as a Senior Associate with CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares Inc. for another four years.

He is the founding Principal of Rizvi Architects based in Boston. He directs the management and design of all architecture and interior design projects in the office. He also provides specialized training in urban design to selected assignments. He has been responsible for design and construction administration of over 70 major buildings and interiors projects in the United States and abroad. His company has obtained many coveted international awards for its work.

Ali Nasir has always been a great friend. We joined Petaro together, and that friendship has endured since 1965. We have always had a great love and mutual respect for each other. But somehow or the other, we never got to meet each other for nearly 4 decades after I left Turkey in 1971 and moved to MIT in USA.

Finally, when I was visiting Boston in May 2010, we met. I just cannot express how happy I was to see Ali again. (In the picture on the right, Ali and I are standing on the footpath in front of the MIT entrance on Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA on 15 May 2010).

It has been truly an honour to have had Ali Nasir as my friend since 1965.

Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi - 1970