Ahsan Muneer, 544/Liaquat

Ahsan Muneer - 1983

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Ahsan Muneer, kit no. 544/Liaquat House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1964. He left the college in 1967 after completing his Matric.

He was born on 1 January 1952 and got married to Mrs. Sadia on 20 March 1980. They had 1 daughter.

Ahsan, his wife and daughter all expired in the Gulf Air crash at Mina Jebel Ali, UAE on 23 September 1983. Ahsan and his family were going back to Abu Dhabi after Hajj and Eidul Adha holidays in Karachi. He used to work as a Chemical Engineer in ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) at that time.

The ill-fated flight was Gulf Air 771 and the aircraft was a Boeing 737-2P6. There were 115 passengers and 7 crew on board the flight. No one survived. Most of the dead were Pakistanis going back to work in Abu Dhabi. Official reports state that there was an explosion in the forward cargo compartment which destroyed the plane. Some claim that it was a bomb - possibly planted by Abu Nidal Organization - a militant Palestinian group to pay protection money. However others believe that it was a heat sinking missile fired by the UAE forces by mistake during exercises in the desert. The flight was on approach for landing at Abu Dhabi airport around noon time when the incident took place.

After leaving Petaro in 1967, Ahsan completed his Intermediate from Adamjee Science College in Karachi. He then opted to become a Chemical Engineer, and got his Bachelor's degree from Dawood College of Engineering.

His first job was with Exxon Chemicals at Daharki (which is now known as Engro Chemicals) as a Process Engineer. It was only months before the ill-fated crash that he had taken a job with ADNOC and moved to Abu Dhabi.

Ahsan and I were really great friends. He was my batch mate at Petaro and we had so much in common. His parents and my uncle/aunt were good friends and we were related to each other - though distantly. He studied Chemical Engineering like I did, and he got married barely a month after I did (also in Lahore). His first and only daughter was born a month apart from my first born. And at the time of the air crash, his was due to have another baby, who would have been around the same age as my second born.

Ahsan was the younger brother of another great Petarian, Capt.PN(R) Ahmed Zaheer, kit no. 483/Liaquat.

It is an honour for me to be the batch mate of Ahsan Muneer. I do miss him very much, and whenever his thoughts come to my mind, it truly bring tears to my eyes. May Allah grant him, his wife and his infant daughter the best place in Jannatul Firdaus.

Cadet Ahsan Muneer 1964