Tahir Javed Siddiqui, 535/Jinnah

Capt.PN(R) Tahir Javed Siddiqui - 2004

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Tahir Javed Siddiqui (popularly known as "TJ"), kit no. 535/Jinnah House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1964 and left the college in 1969 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 19 September 1950 and got married to Mrs. Qamar on 9 May 1980. They have 4 children - Adnan, Maliha, Madiha and Wajiha.

TJ expired at Islamabad on 30 April 2013 of a heart attack.

TJ is my batch mate (1964-1969), and he is amongst the humblest of Petarians. During his years at Petaro, he was an appointment holder from 9th to 12th Class in Jinnah House. During 1968-1969, he was the JUO of Jinnah House as well. He was good at sports and academics. He was also a member of the Famous Forties in 1968.

After leaving Petaro, Tahir joined Pakistan Navy in 1969 and was commissioned as an officer in 1972 after being granted a B.Sc. degree by the Naval Academy. He continued further studies while in service. He attended the Long C'/Electronic Warfare Course in 1978-79, and got a Masters in War Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University in 1984-85.

TJ served the Pakistan Navy until his retirement in 2003. During this period, he served on board various ships and establishments. While he has many achievements to his credit, I would like to mention a few key ones here. During 1993-1995, while serving on board PNS Dacca (logistics ship) as Executive Officer, he participated in under the United Nations Mission for provision of of material and military assistance to the Somalian Government. They captured Somalian harbour and airport, before other allied nations arrived.

He then served as Director Signals of the Pakistan Navy from 1995-1999. This was a great experience for him. During this period, he was instrumental in establishing over 18,000 line PABX exchange for the Pakistan Navy using state of the art communications equipment. This project was then extended to the entire Navy and the establishment of NAVCOM using optical fibre and digital communications. He attended ITU (International Telecommunications Union) conferences, and served as a member of the National Communication Security Board which led to the establishment of the Frequency Allocation Board. Under this capacity, he was involved in inspection of security systems for the Pakistani missions abroad, the Presidency, PM Secretariat and other important installations.  He was also involved in the survey to lay fiber optic cable to Gwadar, and provision of satellite communications from INMARSAT to Pakistan Navy ships and aircraft under ITU supervision.

In 1999, he was posted on delegation from the Navy to the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Govt of Pakistan as Director Administration of the Pakistan Software Export Board. He served in this capacity until after his retirement from the Navy, i.e. until 2004. During this period, he established the first of the software parks in Pakistan - two in Islamabad and one in Lahore. He also supervised and monitored the laying of undersea SEAMEWE 3 optical fiber cable from Karachi to Fujairah, UAE, and established software outlets in Japan, Australia and the Silicon Valley (USA) under the generic name of Jinnah Center for outsourcing software expertise. He worked in close conjunction with PASHA (Pakistan Software House Association) for opportunities abroad.

In recent years, TJ was employed as General Manager of Bahria Security Services in Islamabad.

By and large, he kept good health and used to walk 6km every day. He loved to go on shikar and would carry his weight around. He did suffer from mild cancer a few years back, but all symptoms were removed through treatment.

TJ Siddiqui is also a pioneer in the establishment of the Petarian Association. He was the brain and visionary behind its formation, but he never claimed to be as such. This shows the humbleness of the great man. He was the first Treasurer ever of the Association for two terms, and then he also served as the General Secretary.

On 30 April 2013, he felt a pain in his chest and he went to PNS Hafeez hospital in Islamabad. After going through tests and ECG, the doctors apparently didnt find anything abnormal which is strange. He returned home and within half an hour he had a second attack and expired before he could get back to the hospital.

May Allah grant the choicest place in jannatul firdaus to TJ and raise him up on the Last Day amongst the Saliheen.

It is an honour for me to be the batch mate of Capt.PN(R) T.J. Siddiqui - one of the humblest, straight forward and upright colleagues of ours.

Cadet Tahir Javed Siddiqui 1969

Capt.PN T.J. Siddiqui