Attaullah Khan, 517/Liaquat

Attaullah Khan - 2009

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Attaullah Khan, kit no. 517/Liaquat House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1964. He left the college in 1969 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 8 August 1951 in Peshawar and got married to Mrs. Shehla on 11 June 1978. They have 3 children - Rahim Dad, Karim Dad, and Ruqayya.

Attaullah is my batch mate (1964-1969). He was always always full of life even during our Petaro days. One could never miss Attaullah in a gathering. He would be the centre of it all, cracking the best jokes and attracting the most attention.

After passing out from Petaro, Attaullah joined Pakistan Army in 1969 and passed out from PMA Kakul in 1971. While he was a major, he took an early retirement and chose to join the Civil Service of Pakistan.

His performance as a civil servant was superlative with diligence and high values. It is hard for us friends to imagine that Attaullah could have become such a serious person in his work. But as you take him away from his work hours, he is back to the same old Attaullah that we always knew - full of humour and laughter and as kind-hearted and caring as ever.

During his tenure in civil service, he has served in different capacities in the NWFP government - as Commissioner, Chairman Textbook Board, Secretary Population and Welfare, etc.

Currently, he is serving as the CEO / Chairman of the FATA Development Authority. This is a very key position in light of the difficult times in the FATA region. He has a difficult task to perform.

In recognition of his meritorious services, Attaullah was promoted to the BS-22 Grade by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 19 February 2011. This is the highest administrative position in the country's civil service.

He retired from the government in August 2011.

He is the younger brother of Aslam Khan, 178/L and Azam Khan 262/L.

Attaullah is a gem of a man, and it is an honour for me to be his batch mate.

Attaullah Khan 2009