Anwar Muhammad F. Memon, 48/Latif

Anwar Muhammad F. Memon - 2007

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Anwar Muhammad F. Memon, kit no. 48/Latif House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1958 at Mirpurkhas and left the college in 1963 after completing his Intermediate. He belongs to the second batch of Petarians.

He was born on 16 January 1944, and was married to Mrs. Najma. They have two sons - Danish and Mashaal.

Two of his wife's brothers are Petarians, namely (late) Ali Raza Memon 56/Jinnah and Sikander Memon 417/Latif.

After leaving Petaro, Anwar Memon graduated as a Civil Engineer from Sindh University in 1967. He then moved to the UK and obtained an M.Phil. degree from the University of London in 1973.  Thereafter, he moved to Canada and settled down in Toronto.

Upon moving to Canada, he first set up a partnership company with a couple of other partners which was a challenge.

In 1986, he established his own company Soil Probe Ltd in Toronto, under and Ontario charter and was the President of the company until the end of his life.

Soil Probe is a civil engineering firm providing geotechnical, testing and inspection services. They provide site investigation services, laboratory testing, field testing, sampling and supervision, inspection of footing, piles, caissons, retaining walls, etc, and geotechnical report content.

The company is a member of Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada and Ontario, The Engineering Institute of Canada, Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, and Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories.

Anwar Memon was a great social worker and was involved with a number of charitable and social welfare organizations in Canada and Pakistan. His aim was to serve mankind.

He was a founder member and Life Member of the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) and was a member of its Organizing Committee in 1984 which was the first formal body that established the organization. He was also a member of its Advisory Council in 1989-1990.

During the last few days of June 2012, Anwar Memon met with a severe near fatal road accident in Toronto. He was driving back from the Muslim Cemetry project site for which he had volunteered to do a survey. The weather was not good and his car met with an accident on Highway 401 which caused massive injuries to several parts of his body. He remained in a state of coma and was hospitalized at Sunny Brook Hospital. He sustained severe spinal injuries and underwent surgery in the middle of July. His condition remained unstable throughout and finally he expired on 22 August 2012.

His brother-in-law Mr. Ali Nawaz Memon describes the struggles of his life and of his last days in hospital in the following video:

Anwar Memon was buried at the Toronto Muslim Cemetry on 24 August 2012 (Friday) - the same cemetry which he had volunteered to survey and from where he was returning home when he met with the accident.

May Allah grant him jannatul firdaus.

Cadet Anwar M.F. Memon - 1963


My Humble Homage to a Dear Friend, Who Left us Alone in this Earthly Land

By Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom, 97/L/A

Saaeen Anwar Memon: “Farewell, Dear Friend, Farewell, May Ye Rest in Peace in Heavenly Dell” 

It is with great sadness that we received this extremely painful and heart-wrenching news of the passing-away of our dear friend, brother and colleague Saaeen Anwar Memon (Kit No. 48/J) in a hospital in Toronto, Canada.

اِنَّا لِله و اِنا اِليه راجِعُون

We come from Him certainly, and Towards Him is our Return Surely

We join and raise our humble hands towards Allah (swt) in sacred prayers, to grant our illustrious, veritable and well-loved friend and colleague, Saaeen Anwar Memon, a choicest place in His Gardens. Aameen.

May His Soul Rest in Peace and May the Good Lord, through His Benevolence and Magnificence, give courage and forbearance to his family and friends to bear this untimely, tragic and irreplaceable loss with patience and fortitude. Aameen.

اڄ پڻ اکڙين ، سڄڻ پنهنجا ساريا،

ڳلن تان ڳوڙهن جون ، بوندان بس نه ڪن،

سندي سڪ پرين، لوڪ ڏٺي نه لهي

(شاھُ ڀِٽاٸيؒ)

[Acju pinnu akharriyani, sacjanna pahnjaa saaryaa,

Ggalan taan ggorrhani jiyuun, buunduun basin a kani,

Sandee sika piryani, loka dditthei na lahei]


Eyes remembered my sweet loved ones,

Today as well;

Endless torrents of tears shower on my face,

Today as well;

Eternal memory of dearly beloveds afresh,

Today as well;

People aplenty! Cherished one’s longing insatiable,

Today as well.

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Saaeen Anwar Mohammad Memon (Kit No.48) was from the second batch (1958-1963) of Cadet College Petaro – and that made him a year senior than myself (Kit No. 97) from the third batch (1959-1964). However, since I joined the class of Premier Batch (1957-1962) Petarians, which made me a year senor than him as I Passed-out from Petaro in 1962, a year before him.

Sudden departure of dearest childhood friend brings back the lovely and glittering memories of the days, months and years gone-by and the great and glorious times and moments spent together in each other’s company and togetherness. It was early morning of Thursday, the 23rd August, 2012 that I got this shocking and painful news of a beloved and jovial friend’s sudden loss. And, straightaway my mind travelled back all those 53 years and arrived at Cadet College, Petaro in 1959, where, as a wide-eyed fourteen year old, I had just started my three years residence.

In 1957 the first Cadet College in Sindh – another one was at Hasanabdal, Punjab - started initially at its temporary location at Mirpurkhas in an old building of a local Secondary School. First two batches of cadets joined there in in 1957 and 1958. When the new buildings were up at its permanent site at Petaro in Dadu District, Cadet College moved to its new and permanent premises in 1959.

We from the third batch of Cadets joined at Petaro together with our seniors from the two previous batches. In 1959, all in all we were around 90 Cadets from the three batches. And there were only two Houses – Jinnah and Liaquat. There was only one section of the building built at that time. Jinnah House was on the ground floor and Liaquat House on the first floor. I was in the Liaquat House and Cadet Anwar Memon in Jinnah House together with his best, dearest and filial friend, Cadet Ali Raza Memon (Kit No. 56).

Fourteen and fifteen years old kids from all over Sindh – villages, towns and cities – and from almost every background and of society and community, every facet of human existence and endeavour, every status and class of civil and civic society was represented in these early batches of the Cadet College at Petaro. Sons of extremely rich and extraordinarily impoverished, Zameendaars (landlords) and Haarees (Peasants), judges and clerks, doctors and primary school teachers, advocates and village rustics, well-known and famous politicians and simple village shopkeepers – all marched together in one formation, lived together under one roof, studied in the same classroom and ate together in the one and only Mess-room.

Those were the glorious years of Petaro, when everybody knew everyone else! Everybody loved and respected everybody else! None was above each other. If you have talent, sky was the limit for your success and empowerment. Talent and excellence was nurtured! Quality education taught in quality, peaceful and highly academic and knowledge-based atmosphere was imparted to all. And, most importantly, friendships were forged, understanding of each other’s values, frailties and strengths were enlightened and fresh, honest, noble and worthy relationships were developed and strengthened. However, not everybody with whom friendship is developed is genuinely and affirmatively worthy of that friendship, because......

ماڻهُون سَڀُ نَـ سُهڻان؍ پَکِي سَڀُ نَـ هَنجَ؍

ڪَنهِن ڪَنهِن ماڻهُونہءَ مَنجهـ؍ اَچي بُوءِ بَهارَ جِي؍

(شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)

[Maannhuun sabhu na suhnnaa, pakhee sabhu na hanja,

Kanhi kanhi maannhuuna manjhi, achei buui bahara jee]


Humans not all are beautiful,

Not all birds are swans affable;

Few mortals are amiable,

Fragrance of spring only in some attainable;

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

By 1961 a third House was created – Ayub House - as the Fourth Batch of new Cadets joined Petaro. Some of us from both Jinnah and Liaquat Houses were shifted and moved to the newly formed Ayub House. Ali Raza and Anwar remained ‘glued’ with each other in the same room in Jinnah House.

Yes, my dear friends, Petarians, colleagues and readers, this is my humble homage to a wonderful and evergreen friend, Saaeen Anwar Memon, who remained ‘glued’ to Saaeen Ali Raza Memon. They remained glued and adhesively cemented, affixed and sealed, agglutinated and tightly secured with each other - heart, mind and soul - forever and forever. They were inseparable. Their friendship was envy of the many and their love and affection for each other was so touching and heart-warming.

لاهي سِرُ لطيِفُ چئي، اَڳيان دوستَن ڌرِ

(شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)

[Laahei siru Lateefu chawei, aggiyaan dostani dhari]

Remove thy head ebulliently, and place it before thy Beloved exuberantly

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Friendship between Saaeen Ali Raza and Saaeen Anwar was a friendship made in Heaven –a friendship beyond the doorways, pathways, alleyways and highways of this mortal world! It was a friendship par excellence between two veritable and verdant, genuine and honest, selfless and self-sacrificing friends extraordinaire, that we lesser mortals can only marvel, relish, revel and gloat over!

عِشقُ نانگُ آ پَرَ، خَبَرَ کاڌَن کي پَوي

(شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)

[Ishqu naangu aa para, kkhabara khaadhani khei pawei]

If love is like a snake or vermin, then only those knoweth who get bitten”

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Only Ali Raza and Anwar knew, even at that young and tender age of fourteen, the whole Truth about true friendship, the entire worth of genuine comradeship and the exact value of a beloved friend! Only, they know the value of true friendship and true love who are ‘drunk’ in the essence of adulation and adoration....

مُحَبَتَ جي ميدانَ ۾، سِرَ جو سانگو نَه ڪَر

(شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)

[Muhabata jei meidaana mein, sira jo saango na kari]

On battlefield of love ‘n adrdour, sacrificing thy life never shirk nor shudder”

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Friendships are most certainly made in the Abode of the Magnificent Creator of the Worlds and everything in it! First of all He is the One Who sanctions such remarkable and extraordinary friendships, that we were a witness to at Petaro between Ali Raza and Anwar. He is the Architect, Designer and Planner of such Love and Friendships! And, therefore, such divine friendships keep on being strengthened, solidified energised and glorified by the Great Builder!

In 1995 the cruel hands of death separated these two epitomes of genuine friendship and embodiment of true love, when at a very ripe and young age, Saaeen Ali Raza Memon was to leave this mortal world and be with the Almighty Lord in His Blissful and Eternal Abode. However, Saaeen Ali Raza’s death was a mere physical break in the eternal relationship with his friend, Saaeen Anwar. Spiritually, that glittering relationship was further strengthened and the glue of eternal friendship comprehensively stamped when Saaeen Anwar locked himself in holy matrimony with the darling of the House, apple of the eyes of her parents and doting sister of six brothers – children all of my father’s best friend, uncle Chaachaa Saaeen Abdul Fatah Memon.

Mortals die, their true friendships, filial relationships never! Divine Friendships last forever and culminate into deep Oceans of Eternal Love and unfathomable Bonds of beautiful relationships. Yes, it is this divine friendship between our veritable and venerable friends, Saaeen Anwar Memon and Saaeen Ali Raza Memon, which was founded on the strong and solid foundation of love, respect, understanding and selfless devotion of each other, that was brightly and brilliantly enshrined and enshrouded, consecrated and cherished, preserved and sanctified with the holy matrimony between Ali Raza’s only sister, my sister, Adi Najma and Anwar Memon.

مُحَبَتَ جي ميدانَ ۾و سِرَ جو ڪَرِ مَ سانگُ،

سورِيءَ سُپرِين جي، چڙهه ته ٿِئين چانگُ،

عشق آهي ” نانگُ“؍ خَبَرَ کاڌَن کي پَوي،

(شاھ ڀِٽاٸِيؒ سُر يمن ڪلياڻ)

Muhabbat jei meidaan mein, sira jo kari ma saangu,

Suureeya supreenya jei, chharrhu ta thiyein chhaangu,

Ishqu aahei ‘naangu’, khabar khaadhan khei pawei.”

(Shah Bhittai, Sur Yaman Kalyaannu)


In the Arena of Love, be not perturbed about thy head;

Hangman’s Noose round thy neck, Lofty tall thee shall tread;

Love is a ‘Snake,’ They only know who get bitten instead.

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Today, Anwar is no more with us – he has chosen to be in the company of his beloved friend Ali Raza in the Blissful Abode of the Generous, Merciful and Magnificent Lord Almighty. We, amongst the lesser mortals mourn him and will always remember his hospitality, friendship, sincerity, cheerfulness, exuberance and joviality. We come from Him surely and towards Him is our return certainly! May ye rest in Peace, my friend! We will truly miss you and will always remember you and the sweet anecdotes of the days spent together.

مُحَبَتَ پائي مَن ۾؍ رَنڊا روڙيا جَن؍

تَن جو صَرافَن؍ اَڻ توريو ٸِي اَگهايو؍

(شاهه ڀٽائيؒ)

[Muhabata paaei mana mein, randhaa rorryaa jani,

Tani jo Saraafan, anna toriyo ee aghaayo!]


Love in their souls shining brightly, cotton threads they spun sprightly;

Grateful Masters recorded avidly, sans any measure valued mightily!

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

With due humility, grief and sorrow and on behalf of my family – my brother Khalid (Kit No. 72) and his family at Karachi, Sindh, my sister Suraiya at Birmingham, UK, my brother Zahid at Vancouver, Canada and all of my brothers, sisters and relatives and their families - my heartfelt condolences and commiserations, sympathy and solace, duaauun and prayers to the bereaved family – Adi Najma and her children, Ada Ali Nawaz Memon and his family, Saaeen Sikandar Memon 417/Latif and his family and all friends, relatives and colleagues of our dearest departed friend Saaeen Muhammad Anwar Memon - at this tragic and irreplaceable loss.

We pray to Allah (swt) to grant choicest place in His Heavenly and Blissful Gardens to Saaeen Anwar Memon and give patience and fortitude to family and friends to bear this loss with courage and forbearance. Aameen.

In sorrow, grief and mourning.