Aurangzeb Khan, 431/Latif

Aurangzeb Khan - 2010

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Aurangzeb Khan, kit no. 431/Latif House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1963 and left the college in 1968 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 20 December 1949, and was married to Mrs. Sajida Bano on 7 March 1986. They have 5 children - Aqsa Sardar, Laraib Humada, Saad (kit no. 2005060/Latif), Mymoona and Talal.

Aurangzeb Khan belongs to District Hazara of NWFP, and was born and bred in Havelian, which is still his permanent home.

I was fortunate that Aurangzeb Bhai was a year senior to me at Latif House - my own house. We had a great time in our house during the Petaro days, and the love he exhibited then continues to this day. He is ever obliging to me.

After leaving Petaro, he graduated with a B.Sc. degree from National College, Karachi in 1971.

Aurangzeb Bhai is another great Petarian. He is the prime mover of the Petarian Association of Saudi Arabia (PASA). But out of his humbleness, he chose not to be the first president of PASA, passing on the position to Nadeem Khan instead. However, on great demand, he was finally elected the President of PASA in 2008.

With a crisis that developed in Petarian Association in 2014, a new Central Executive Committee was nominated by Rashid Abro in his capacity as the Chairman of the Petarian Assembly. Aurangzeb Bhai was appointed as Member of the Global CEC of TPA for 2014-2015.

He has also been extremely active in getting Petarians all over the world to express their love for each other. He is ever present at Petarian functions in Pakistan as well and a great motivator.

Aurangzeb Bhai is now virtually settled in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. He works as the Quality Controller for SAPPCO (Saudi Plastics Company) and has been living in Saudi Arabia for decades.

Aurangzeb Khan - 2006