Shaukat Iqbal Chauhan, 4/Jinnah


Shaukat Iqbal Chauhan

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Shaukat Iqbal Chauhan, kit no. 4/Jinnah House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1957 at Mirpurkhas campus and left the college in 1962 after completing his Intermediate at Petaro.

He was born on 25 September 1945 and got married to Mrs. Ghulam Fatima on 1 March 1982. They have six children - Rumaisa, Sana, Saad, Zara, Usama and Ta-Seen.

Shaukat Iqbal was the Section Leader of Jinnah House in 1958-1959, and then appointed JUO of Jinnah House for two years during 1959-1961. He was also the President of the Photography Club from 1958-1962 for 4 years, and President of the English Debating Club during 1958-1962.  he was also appointed the Chief Crew Leader of the Sea Scouts in 1961-1962, and the English section editor of The Cadet magazine in 1961 and 1962 editions.

He recalls with great love how his teachers Abdullah Khadim Hussain Sb and SS Azim Sb would encourage the boys to read books from the library at Petaro. Every cadet was encouraged to use the library, and Col. Coombes used to check from the library records as to which cadet had issued how many books. They would also play Scrabble with the colonel to improve their vocabulary. On encouragement from the colonel, he also made a number of pen friends in the USA.

After leaving Petaro, he wanted to join the armed forces. However, he could not do so due to weak eyesight. At that time, he was already wearing eyeglasses with a power of -4. Therefore he joined Govt. College Hyderabad from where he graduated with a B.Sc. degree in 1965. However, just before completing his studies, his father expired which put tremendous financial pressure on Shaukat Iqbal.

It was during this period that he had also planned to go to the USA for Aeronautical Engineering. But his father's death brought all plans to a halt. Thus, soon after graduation in 1965, he had to take a job and became a medical representative for companies. For a short while, he even worked for Abbot Laboratories.

One of his closest friends was Ali Raza Memon, 56/J, whose father Mr. Abdul Fattah Memon was the ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, and was also like a father to him. He would often spend time at the Memon residence.

It was on the recommendation of Ali Raza that Shaukat Iqbal applied for the job of a teacher that was advertised. After some time, he was called for an interview and selected to join Ghulaman-e-Abbas School which was owned and operated by the Habib Education Trust. This school was meant primarily for the poor families of the Khoja Asna Ashari community to which the Habib group also belonged.

He joined the school in 1967-68, and spent his entire career as a teacher of English and Mathematics until his retirement in 2005. During those years, he had many other responsibilities like designing of syllabus, training, and conducting workshops.

In 2000, he also conducted courses at the Pak American Cultural Center (PACC), Karachi in the evenings.

His health was failing him, and therefore he was unable to seek any other job upon his retirement in 2005. Since then he has been leading a retired life and is settled down in Kotri.