Salim Ahmed Mastan, 336/Liaquat

Salim A. Mastan speaking at CCP Golden Jubilee Function, Feb 2007

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Salim Ahmed Mastan, kit no. 336/Liaquat House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1962 and left the college in 1967 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 26 March 1949 at Karachi and got married to Mrs. Yasmin on 28 November 1974. They have one daughter, namely Noorjahan. Salim Bhai has been settled in Fremont, California, USA since 1978.

His family migrated to Pakistan from South India. He has his roots in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Madras.

Recently, he has been spending a lot of time in Pakistan and UAE to develop alternate energy projects in this region. He has a passion to build an alternate energy empire spanning many countries of the world and has made great strides in this regard.  He has acquired wind energy technologies, established wind and solar energy businesses and successfully developed programs for proliferation of bio-diesel and waste to energy.

During his stay at Petaro, he was always considered to have great leadership qualities. He excelled in various sports, particularly in Shooting.  He was a member of the college Shooting Team in 1966-67 at the ICCST tournaments, that brought laurels to the college. His score was the highest (79 out of 80) which is a record that has still not been broken by any cadet. He was declared the Best Marksman.

Being a member of the ICCST Petaro contingent in 1966, he was declared as being a member of the "Famous Forties of 1966".

He was also a member of the College Boxing Team in 1962 at the ISST tournament at Jhelum.

Among other activities, he remained a member of Liaquat House Quiz and Spelling Bee team throughout his stay, and was the Chairman of the Honour Committee in 1966-67.

Upon leaving Petaro, he got admission to the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) at Lahore.  He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1974.

During his years at UET, he was elected as a Member in the Students' Union in 1967-68. His shooting skills were recognized and he remained a member of the university shooting team throughout the years. He was also the Captain of the Shooting Team in 1971 and 1972. He won 13 events in Inter-University Shooting tournaments and championships. He was given the University Blue (color) for Shooting in recognition of his great marksmanship for four years. He was obtained Second Position in National Shooting Championship at Lahore for pistol shooting in 1970.

His most important decision upon graduation was to get married to Yasmin, barely a couple of months after return to Karachi from Lahore. The wedding ceremony took place at the Tipu Sultan Hall in Bangalore Town, Karachi.

After graduation, he joined the Hyesons Group as a project engineer and worked with them for four years. During this period, he was instrumental in the installation and erection of the Consolidated Textile Mills at Larkana and the Consolidated Sugar Mills at Ranipur (both were a part of the Hyesons Group).

In 1978, he decided to move to the USA, and settled down in Fremont, California. His first job was with Stanford University's Linear Accelerator as Engineering Consultant from 1978-1981. He then moved to Ford Aerospace as Manufacturing Engineer from 1981-1983. During the following year (1983-83), he became the Vice President of Hitek, Inc.

This brought him to a juncture in life where he decided to establish his own business. With the boom in the Silicon Valley, he set up Advanced Computer Systems, Inc. in 1984 and became the CEO. The company was involved in sales and service of hardware and software and other related services. After 21 years, he decided to retire from this business in 2005.

During all these years, he was active in providing voluntary services to his community and his country USA. He was very actively involved in the establishment of two Islamic centers / mosques in Fremont, namely Islamic Center of Fremont and Jamia Masjid Fremont.  Besides being the Founding Member of both, he was also the Vice President of the latter. However, he continued to be the focal point in the Islamic Center of Fremont, where he played a major role in its establishment, funding, construction, school and other programs.

On the civic front, he was heavily involved in national, state and city politics and served in different capacities and on committees on a voluntary basis. He took many civic responsibilities for the betterment of the city.

After taking retirement from ACS in 2005, Salim Mastan felt that he could not sit at home. He wanted to contribute in a major way to help mankind and particularly the region from where his family hailed. It was his passion that led him to find the right vehicle to do this.  He set up the Alternate Energy Investment Group (AEIG), Inc. in USA, Emerging Energy Systems (Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan and Noor Power Energy LLC in UAE to try to find green energy solutions. He is the Chairman of these companies.

In this regard, he took an equity position in one of the major manufacturers of wind turbines (Hawtpower Inc) in USA, and started developing projects to set up manufacturing of wind turbines in Pakistan and the UAE.

In addition, through his efforts, he was able to mobilize a large team of dedicated professionals who have continued to move very fast in developing projects in four areas of alternate energy technologies, i.e. wind turbines, solar energy, bio-diesel production and waste to energy. It is Salim Mastan's dream to make this into the largest alternate energy business in the world that will benefit mankind through elimination of pollution and building cost effective energy solutions with no dependence on others.

If you type his name in Youtube search, you will find hundreds of videos he has uploaded on the subjects of biodiesel, solar energy and wind energy.

Salim Mastan's wife Yasmin is also a professional in her own right. She is a manager at the Silicon Storage Technologies, while their daughter Noorjahan is a graduate of San Jose State University.

Cadet Salim Mastan receiving award from President Ayub Khan at Petaro, 1963