Mirza Jawaid Baig, 290/Latif

Mirza Jawaid Baig - 2009

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Mirza Jawaid Baig, kit no. 290/Latif House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1962 in 8th Class and left the college in 1967 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 31 October 1949, and got married to Mrs. Shakeela on 8 October 1979. They have three children - Ali Haider, Laila Noor and Ibrahim Khalil

Jawaid Baig acquired his early schooling from St. Anthony's in Lahore before joining Petaro in 1962. He hails from a prominent family of Lahore. His father was a very well known figure of his times.

His tenure at Petaro was brilliant. He excelled in academics as well as sports and was known to be an extremely likeable personality.

During the final Matric exams, he obtained the 3rd position in the Board in the district in 1965. He was the Vice Captain of the College Shooting team and was also a Colour Holder in Shooting. He participated in the ISSST and was a member of the first Famous Forties of 1966.

Jawaid Baig held several appointments throughout his stay at Petaro starting from being a Prefect in class 9. He was the Senior Section Leader of his house in 12th class as well.

His performance in house teams was highly commendable. He was a member of the Quiz/Spelling Bee team and many of the house sports teams. He was also a member of the College Cricket team. He was a member of the English Debating Club, the Funkada Drama Club, Photography Club, etc.

Upon his passing out, Cdr. Firoz Shah (the Principal) commented: "Smart and talented, possesses pleasant personality, liked and respected by his colleagues, an outstanding sportsman, excellent academic career, a safe bet for commission in the Pakistan Armed Forces".  He was selected for the 41st Long Course of Pakistan Army, but chose to enter into civilian life.

Thus, he joined the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore in 1967 and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1972. During his years at UET, he was the Founder and Chairman of the Quaid-e-Azam Students' Federation. He was also the captain and colour holder of the UET Shooting Team.

In 1973, Jawaid Baig moved to the USA and obtained a masters degree in Industrial Engineering from California State University at San Jose in 1975. He then got an MBA degree from the University of Santa Clara in 1978.

While he was at Santa Clara, he was also employed by Racal Vadic from 1976 to 1978. That year he joined Bechtel Corporation as a Project Cost Engineer for construction projects in the refineries and petroleum division, which launched him into the projects business for the rest of his life. He worked with Bechtel until 1984. He was responsible for costing, estimating, planning, forecasting and budgeting of the projects. One of the largest projects in which he was involved was the $5 billion Sea Water Treatment Plant at the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

In 1985, he moved to Saudi Arabia and Juffali Bros. as Senior Planning Engineer at Jeddah. At that time, Saudi Arabia was going through and economic depression, and a year and a half down the road, his company offered him to stay back at a reduced salary package. He declined and resigned. While he planned to go back to the USA, two of his major French clients - namely Bouyges International and Spie Patineau - encouraged him to start work in Saudi Arabia on his own and they would give him the work. He found a local Saudi sponsor and took on the projects.

In 1993, he had grown enough to set up his own company in Saudi Arabia as a foreign investor under the name of Baig Arabia. This company has been one of the key partners of Saudi Oger in many of the projects and has grown into a major contracting and consulting company.

In 2007, he set up a second company called Baig International, and a company in the USA called Baigie, Inc, USA in California for design engineering and consulting work, and real estate investments.

Jawaid Baig is mashallah a very successful entrepreneur and I wish him the very best for providing leadership in the business community.

He is also a very conscientious Pakistani and has great designs on how to try to work for the betterment and development of the country.

It is truly my honour to have met and known Jawaid Baig.