Mohammed Arshad Raja, 273/Latif

Major(R) Arshad Raja in 2011

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Mohammed Arshad Raja, kit no. 273/Latif House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1962 in 8th Class and left the college in 1967 after completing his Intermediate.

He was born on 16 November 1949, and is married to Mrs. Parveen Akhtar. They have four children - Bilal, Kiran Fatima, Irum Fatima and Awais Raja (kit no. 2003192) who is also a Petarian..

Arshad Raja was an all-rounded and natural sportsman, and a famous personality at Petaro. He was known for being a swift and nimble sportsman. He excelled in athletics, football, boxing, hockey, swimming, gymnastics and other sports. He was God gifted indeed in this respect. He was always very smart.

He was an appointment holder in Latif House from 9th class onwards when he was made a Prefect. Finally in 12 Class (1966-1967) he was the JUO of Latif House.

During his final year at Petaro (1966-1967), he led the college Athletics team as the captain. He participated in the ISSST (later known as ICCST) tournaments every year, and is honoured as a member of the Famous Forties during 1966. He was also the college captain for Boxing as well in 1966-1967. The most famous fight in the ring was against LA Syed, who was considered to be one of the best boxers in the college. Arshad Raja took up the challenge despite that fact that he was much smaller. But it was only due to his fast movements and nimble footedness, he won the fight.

His gymnastic abilities were also unmatched. He was the college gymnastics team captain during 1964-1966. He was also member of college football and hockey teams as well and a great diver.

He was very active in extracurricular activities as well. He was a member of the Funkada Drama Club, and participated in a number of dramas. He was great at dancing.

After leaving Petaro, he joined the Pakistan Army and finally retired as a Major. 

Arshad Raja hails from Faisalabad, and he is currently settled there and is involved in running his own farms.

Major(R) Arshad Raja in 2004