Beevi ki talash / Matrimonial Service

This is a public service for all Petarians and their families.

This Matrimonial Service is available free of charge for all Petarians and their family members / relatives who are looking to get married. Petarians are prized husbands (see handsome Petarian bridegrooms at the bottom of this page).

The service is managed and operated by the "Petarian Matrimonial Committee". The current members of the committee are:

  1. Mrs. Syeda Firdaus Shahid, wife of Major(R) Syed Shahid Anwar, 435/Latif (Chairperson), mobile no. (0333) 860-2727.

  2. Mrs. Shagufta Javed, wife of Dr. Javed Malik, 69131/Liaquat, mobile no. (0333) 519-2711. email:

  3. Mrs. Naheed Zaman, wife of Masood Zaman 7166/Qasim, mobile no. (0333) 518-4314. email:

The committee will assist and act as facilitators and try to put the concerned parties in touch with each other. In order to contact the committee, you may send an email to, or call the committee members at the numbers given above.

Please follow the steps below if you are interested:

  1. Please download the Matrimonial Information Form by right clicking on this link and downloading the form.

  2. Please print the form and fill it out and attach a photograph.

  3. After filling it out, please scan the form and send it by email to, or send it by regular post to Petarian Foundation, 12A, Street 29, F-7/1, Islamabad.

All information received will be held in confidence by the Petarian Matrimonial Committee.

The parties should communicate directly with each other once the contact is established.

Please send email to for any communication or information.

If other ladies of Petarian families would like to offer their services or wish to become members of the Petarian Matrimonial Committee, please call the Chairperson of the Committee as listed above.

Some handsome Petarian bridegrooms on their wedding day

NOTE: The Matrimonial Service and this website will not take any responsibility for the services provided or the outcome. This is only a public service which will try to bring the parties together, and they must decide on their own.