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The Petarian Foundation was registered on the 15th of December 2003 under the Societies Act of 1860. While the general aims and objectives of the Foundation are broad, the main focus of the Foundation is to serve Pakistan through service to Petaro and Petarians. It is a non-profit and non-political organization and operates as an NGO.

The Foundation was born out of a desire by a number of Petarians to recognize the great contribution of our nation and of the college in our lives, and to "contribute back" to Pakistan and Cadet College Petaro from the bounties we have reaped over the years.

Initially, it was thought that the ideal solution should be to start the concept under the aegis of the Petarian Association. However, after deliberations by the Managing Committee of the Petarian Association and a resolution of the AGM held in 2000, a sub-committee headed by Commodore Mirza Ashfaque Beg was formed, which ruled that the Foundation should be created independent of the Association. A letter to this effect was issued by the sub-committee of the Association that was given this task on 9th October 2000.

The Foundation has been successfully running a number of programs and projects for the benefit of Petaro and Petarians in particular.  These include the following:

  • Petarian Convention 2004 which attracted nearly 750 ex-cadets, cadets and teachers at Cadet College Petaro in December 2004. It was a 2 day event. More...
  • Scholarships for needy and academically sound cadets at CCP. So far, over 80 cadets have availed such scholarships ranging between Rs. 15,000 to 75,000 each. So far nearly Rs. 30 lacs has been disbursed in scholarships. More...
  • Scholarships for higher education for ex-cadets who are needy and academically sound. More...
  • Teacher training programs for CCP teachers.  So far 3 programs have been conducted in Islamabad, Karachi and Petaro. These included interactive training programs, English language training, and specialized seminars. More...
  • Hajj sponsorship for one CCP employee per year from the lower cadres. So far 4 employees have been funded between 2006-2009. More...
  • Establishment of a complete Automation Project (IT and Technology solution) for Cadet College Petaro including an IT Lab, WAN/LAN/Wifi environment in whole campus, Broadband internet connectivity, computers in Ante Rooms of houses, laptop computers for all staff, and total software solutions for college management. More...
  • Zakat distribution and welfare for CCP employees and ex-cadets.  A number of Petarians and CCP employees have benefited from this program.  Money was collected and spent for healthcare relief and other problems faced by the recipients. Over 20 recipients have benefited from this program. More...
  • Funding and production of special publications (Directory of Petarians, Souvenir, and a book on Col. Coombes) on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Cadet College Petaro in Feb 2007 in addition to logistical support to the college.
  • Earthquake relief and rehabilitation program at Bagh, AJK after the 2005 devastating earthquake in joint venture with Abdalian Association.  More...
  • Construction and operation of Sarbuland Village at Bagh, AJK which houses over 1200 inhabitants, complete with school, healthcare and other facilities. Over $2 million was raised in cash and kind and spent on this rehabilitation program at Sarbuland Village. More...
  • Construction and operation of Basic Healthcare Units at Bagh, AJK for 8 months. More...
  • Establishment and operation of Relief Camp for IDPs at Peshawar affected by the Swat operation in 2009 in joint venture with Abdalian Association. More...
  • Periodic Newsletters More...


To aim to become the prime driving force in building Pakistan into a great nation and a powerful nation within our own lifetime - a Pakistan full of faith in Our Lord and Master Allah, devoid of poverty, with every person enjoying a good standard of living, the highest standard of education and health care, an honest and a hard working nation, an efficient and productive people, a quality conscious country, a leader of nations.


  • The Foundation will be a non-profit and non-political organization, set up for the benefit and welfare of Petarians in particular and Pakistanis at large
  • The Foundations shall provide welfare services for Petarians through:
    • Creation job opportunities through its investments and placement Establishment and operation of an unemployment bureau to assist the jobless
    • Establishment and operation of a career counseling service
    • Establishment of scholarships to capable, needy & deserving students
      • Distribution of free course books to needy students
      • Establishment and operation of projects to assist and provide jobs to widows and orphans
      • Establishment and operation of blood banks
      • Establishment and operation of any other service or facility that would be of benefit to Petarians in particular and to Pakistanis at large
  • The Foundation shall promote and finance projects in the following areas:

    • Establishment and operation of public schools, colleges, universities

    • Establishment and operation of research facilities in all science
      • Establishment and funding of "chairs" at Universities in Pakistan
      • Establishment and operation of vocational institutions for all trades
      • Establishment and operation of public libraries
      • Publication of books and magazines in all fields of benefit to Pakistan
      • Promotion of knowledge through any other means
      • Establishment and operation of health care facilities
      • Establishment and management of mosques and Qur'an / Hadith teaching schools
  • The Foundation shall promote goodness in society in all its forms, and shall campaign against evil, corruption and oppression in society in all its forms.
  • The funds raised by the Foundation shall be invested in halal businesses that would generate profits to be used to fulfill its objectives. Businesses that the Foundation could invest in include the following:
    • All halal industries
    • Agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry
    • Schools and colleges
    • Telecommunications and information technology
    • Engineering services
    • Health care
    • Real estate
    • Services

Please visit the Petarian Foundation website for details


    All members are required to pay annual fees of Rs. 1,000. A one-time payment of Rs. 15,000 will be considered as payment of the membership fees for life.

    Any member who pays life membership fees will be considered to be a Fellow upon an additional one-time payment to the Foundation of Rs. 250,000.



    The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors having 5 directors. The constitution of the Board will be as follows:

    All Directors serve on a voluntary basis and are not eligible for any remuneration. The Founder Chairman of Petarian Foundation is Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif



    At an appropriate date, the Board shall form a Secretariat for day to day management of operations of the Foundation. The Secretariat shall have full time hired staff, and shall be headed by a Secretary General. The remuneration to be paid to the Secretary General and the Secretariat staff shall be determined by the Board. Until such time as a professional Secretariat is formed, the Board shall work as the Secretariat on a voluntary basis, with the Chairman of the Board also serving as the Secretary General.


In addition to membership fees, the Foundation raises funds from Petarians and non-Petarians through halal means, and possibly through any of the following channels:



Grants from government agencies and NGOs

Fund raising dinners, functions, meena bazars, etc.

Advertisements in its publications

Other means approved by the Board of Directors

The donors can dedicate any of the money donated for the sake of their loved ones or for the sake of their own destiny in the Hereafter.

The Zakat money collected would be spent only for the categories allowed as recipients of Zakat.