Memorandum & Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association



(Registered under the Societies Registration Act-XXI of 1860)

-Amended up to MARCH 20, 2010-

1. NAME:

The name of the Association / Society shall be "THE PETARIAN ASSOCIATION". Hereinafter will be referred as the Association.


The registered office based at Karachi shall be known and designated as "Central Chapter" or the "Headquarter" (HQs) of the Association.

The branch offices shall be designated as "Local Chapter". The Local Chapters shall be formed at Provincial Headquarters / Federal Capital / Divisional Headquarters, major cities, as may be declared fit to be a local chapter by the Central Chapter. Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore, Hyderabad, Petaro and Islamabad shall however be assumed to be Local Chapter.

The Local Chapter shall also be formed at various cities across the world to make the Association a global organization.

Provided further that any outside Pakistan Chapters / branches may be opened under the authority of the Central Chapter. Such foreign-based Chapters / branches will perform all the functions of the Local Chapter.

The Local Chapter outside Pakistan shall be established according to their respective zones / regions and shall cover the Petarian residents in their respective zones as demarcated by the Executive Committee of the Association at the Central Chapter.

The Local Chapter shall be suffixing the name of the Provincial Headquarters / Cities such as Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Toronto, London, Riyadh, Dubai and shall be known as "The Petarian Association Lahore Chapter", etc.

Such places where there is sufficient number of members and the Local Chapter deems it fit to allow opening of such branches for reasons of smooth and conducive working, local branch by the name of city / town may be opened as Branches directly attached to the Local Chapter with the approval of Central Executive Committee.

Provided further that in forming such Local Chapters and Branches, provision of Articles 3, 5 & 7 regarding strength and functions shall apply.


The aims & objectives of the of the Association are:

The Association is designed to develop and promote relations of friendship amongst all Petarians and also to keep up the traditional spirit of Cadet College Petaro.

To offer every legitimate assistance as far as possible to such Petarians and their families as may be in the need thereof including the award of scholarships to their children and dependants.

To establish and administer, welfare institutions like libraries, reading rooms, clubs and a Petarian‟s lodge at Karachi and at such places as may be decided from time to time by the Central Executive Committee.

To acquire land, property, building, etc. to provide facilities to the members on non-commercial basis and to promote the aims and objects of the Association.

To promote such literary, cultural, social and athletic pursuits as the Association may decide from time to time.

To borrow or raise money, or to receive money on deposit in such a manner as is proper and fit in the opinion of the members of the Executive Committee from any person or persons, banks, government, semi-government bodies, corporations, etc. in any manner or by issuing of loans, debentures or by any agreement either with or without any security of any such money, moneys borrowed, raised, received or to mortgage or pledge or change the whole or any part of the property, assets or revenue of the Association.

To receive any property personal or mixed under the terms as is proper and fit in the opinion of the members of the Central Executive Committee for the foregoing purposes or any of them and administrating the same to carry out the directions and exercise the powers contained in the Executive Committee the instrument under which the property is received including the expenditure of the principal as well as the income for one or more of such purposes if authorized and directed by the Executive Committee under which it is received.

To receive, take title, to hold, and use the proceeds and income of stocks, bonds, obligations, or the securities, of any corporation or corporations, or government or private enterprises, either domestic or foreign, for the foregoing purposes or any of them.

To receive and administer funds for educational, cultural and charitable purpose and take and hold by request, device, gifts, purchase or lease absolutely for such objects and purposes or any of them as specifies in the purposes or any of them as specified in the construction, any property, real, personal, or mixed without limitations, if any, as may be imposed by law. To sell, convey, dispose off any such property and to deal with and expand the principal and income of this Association for any of the aforementioned objects and purposes without limitations, except such limitations if any as may be contained in the instrument under which property is received or the limitation imposed by law.

To undertake, do and perform all such acts, matters, things as may be desirable or necessary in the opinion of the President and members of the Executive Committee for the accomplishment of the foregoing purpose or any of them and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to enter into contracts, to borrow or raise or secure the payment of money, to open or operate or maintain bank account or accounts to sell, exchange, let or lease or tenancy or otherwise deal with the property of the Association to purchase, hire, take, or otherwise acquire any estate, interest or property whatsoever and to ensure and maintain any such estate, interest or property, assets or rights real or personal of any kind and in the discretion of the members of the Executive Committee to apply the assets of the Association in or towards the establishment of any Association and / or institution the objects and purposes of which are in accordance with the objects of the Association.

All the property of the Association and accumulations therefore shall be held and determined to effectuate its purposes and to serve the general welfare of the Petarians.

The Association shall be governed by the constitution and the bye-laws attached herewith unless altered or amended or repealed in accordance with the procedure laid down in the bye-laws.

In witness whereof we the following members whose names and addresses are mentioned hereunder, are desirous of being formed into Association called "THE PETARIAN ASSOCIATION" in pursuance of this constitution and have set and subscribed their respective hands on 24th day of December 1981.

Declared further that we the following are also members of the First Managing Committee to whom the Management of the Association has been entrusted.



Name, Address and Description of the Members


MR. QAMAR HASHIM, 161-A, Block 3, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi


MR. BASHIRUDDIN MEMON, 35-A, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi

General Secretary:

MR. IKRAM GHANI, B-271, Block 10, Federal B Area, Karachi

Joint Secretary:

MR. DOST MOHAMMED BALOCH, A-589, Block C, North Nazimabad, Karachi



Elected Members:


MR. ALTAF AHMED SHAIKH, 11/1, 6th Gizri Lane, Phase 4, Defence H.A. Karachi


MR. IQBAL AHMED TURK, 10, 3rd Zamzama Street, Near P.O., Clifton, Karachi


MR. KHALID HUSSAIN MAKHDOOM, Port Qasim Authority, Karachi 48


MR. SAIF-UR-RAHMAN GIRAMI, A-24, Block 15, Federal B Area, Karachi


MR. NAWAL RAI N. OAD, F-44, Alpine Apt., Stadium Road, Chandni Chowk, Karachi


MR. MALIK PERVAIZ AHMED, Fl-11/3, Block 3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi


DR. SARFRAZ ALI SHAH, R.M.O., ENT Unit, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Nazimabad, Karachi


MR. SARDAR AHMED, 1234, Block 14, Federal B Area, Karachi


MR. SYED ASIF ABBAS, C-9, Block A, North Nazimabad, Karachi


MR. SOALAH AHMED KHAN, B-156, Block L, North Nazimabad, Karachi


Articles of Association





Every Petarian who has a valid kit number at Cadet College Mirpurkhas/Petaro is deemed to be member of the Association.


Any Petarian having a valid kit number is Member of the Association and need not apply for membership. The office Secretary shall get the list of Petarians acquiring a kit number from the college Administration and record the names in the membership register.

In order to maintain liaison with the Association a Petarian is required to intimate his where about and change of Address, either directly to the Central or Local chapter/Branch.


2.1. Member

2.2. Life Member

2.3. Honorary Member


Every Petarian with valid kit number at Cadet College Petaro shall be Member of Association.

No formal request form is required to be filled by a Member.

No membership fee is payable by a Member.

A Member is not entitled to contest for any post in the Central / Local Chapter Executive Committee.

A Member shall be entitled to vote for election of The Assembly.


2.2.1 Subscription of the Life Member shall be Rs.5,000/- one time in Lump Sum.

2.2.2 The life Membership for the Petarians residing abroad shall be US $ 75 one time in Lump Sum.

2.2.3 The life member shall be entitled to contest for The Assembly, any post of the Executive Committee at Central, Local or overseas chapter.


2.3.1 The Executive committee at Central Chapter shall have the right to admit any person, not holding a valid Kit Number as an Honorary Member of The Petarian Association. This type of membership shall be offered to a person in recognition of the patronage and support extended by him to The Petarian Association & Cadet College Petaro. The Local Chapter Executive Committee may recommend such membership to the Central Chapter and the same shall be approved by the Executive Committee of the Central Chapter on purely merit basis.


In order to bring all the Petarians closer to each other every Petarian has been provided a chance to elect a member of the Petarian Assembly.

The Association shall have three major forums to manage its affairs.

(i) The Petarians Assembly.

(ii) Central Executive Committee.

(iii) Local Chapter Executive Committee.


3.2.1 The Strength of Assembly shall be one seat for every fifty Petarians residing any where in the world.

3.2.2 The Headquarter of the Petarians Assembly shall be located at Karachi.

3.2.3 The Tenure of the Petarians Assembly shall be two calendar years.

3.2.4 Members to the Petarians Assembly (MPA) shall be elected as per following procedure:

(i) The General Secretary of the Association will determine the number of members according to the total number of Petarians holding valid kit number and announce the elections.

(ii) Date of election will be announced and applications invited globally.

(iii) Any member will be eligible to contest the elections for the first two terms (Four Years), where after, only life Members will be eligible to contest the elections.

(iv) Every Petarian shall exercise his right to vote in favour of one of the Candidate through physical, postal or e-balloting.

(v) The determined number of seats shall stand earmarked to as many Petarian Participants who earn the highest votes.

3.2.5 The Assembly in its first session shall elect its Chairman for a period of two years. No member shall be elected Chairman for more than two full terms.

3.2.6 The General Secretary and Treasurer of the Central Executive Committee shall act as Secretary and Treasurer of the Assembly. All members of Assembly shall be honorary and shall not be entitle to any TA & DA and any remuneration.


(i) The Chairman shall preside every meeting of The Assembly and will be assisted by the General Secretary and Treasurer of The Association.

(ii) To conduct Annual General Meeting or any other extraordinary General Meeting requisitioned by the President of the Central Executive Committee. Such meetings will be presided by the Chairman.

(iii) To elect the Central / Local Chapter Executive Committee through ballot where all members of Assembly shall have the right to vote for each office bearer and elected Members at their next A.G.M.

(iv) TO elect and fill the vacancy against a seat of the CEC or local chapter Executive Committee fallen vacant for any reason by calling applications from candidates globally. The voting for filling such vacancy for the remaining period of the EC shall be held between amongst the members of the Assembly.

(v) The decisions of The Assembly can always be challenged in the AGM / extraordinary General Body Meeting.

(vi) To act as a bridge between Petarians Globally.

(vii) To assist Petarians in seeking jobs.

(viii) To assist Petarians in getting admissions in various Universities out side Pakistan.

(ix) To assist Petarians in Career Making.

3.2.8 Election Committee Formation:

The Petarian Assembly shall constitute an election committee comprising of a convener and a member who shall conduct the entire election procedure and submit the election results to the chairman of the Assembly. The Election Committee may request The Chairman for allowing the convener to co-opt additional members (not more than Two) to facilitate the election process. The Election Committee shall formulate the election procedure and circulate it to all Members with a pre defined schedule.


The Central Chapter at registered office in Karachi shall be the Headquarters (HQs) of the Association. Its management shall vest in the Executive Committee so elected under Article 3.2.7 and 3.3.1. The Central Chapter/HQs shall be responsible for management of the Association throughout the country and elsewhere in the world and also for enforcement of "Memorandum and Articles of the Association" and any other byelaws or rules that may be framed by it for furtherance of the pursuits and objectives of the Association.


The Central Executive Committee (CEC) will consist of the following office bearers and Members:

(i) President ONE (1)

(ii) Vice President ONE (1)

(iii) General Secretary ONE (1)

(iv) Treasurer ONE (1)

(v) Joint Secretary ONE (1)

(vi) Elected Members FOUR (4) The President of Central and Local Chapter should be of 40 years of Age. All office bearers and members of Central and Local Chapters Executive Committee should be Life Member of Association for at least 3 years before contesting the elections. No Member shall be eligible for election to the post of President if he has already remained President for two full terms, either continuously or with a gap.

3.3.2 All the office bearers and members of the CEC shall be elected by the Assembly in its session before its 1st regular AGM.

3.3.3 The tenure of the CEC shall be Two Calendar years provided further that the CEC shall continue to hold the office till a new CEC is elected. All the member of the CEC will be honorary member and shall not be entitled to any TA & DA in case of travel outside the Head Quarters.

3.3.4 Nominations of candidates for election to the CEC shall be invited by the Chairman of Assembly through a circular to all Petarians put on website of The Association or any e-mail forums recognized by the CEC. Only the life members shall be entitled to contest in the election. The nomination papers downloaded from the website would be received in the H.Q, by post or through website of the Association duly proposed and seconded by the life members of the Association. Elections will be held on the date, time and venue announced by the Assembly.

3.3.5 The President with the consent of the CEC may constitute an Advisory Council of not more than 15 members from Past Presidents and other Petarians for any specific task or to assist CEC in matter of emergent nature.

3.3.6 The CEC will oversee the affairs of Local Chapters and refer their case to Assembly for dissolution of Local Chapter Executive Committee, if their performance is not responsive.

3.3.7 The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month and may meet as often as may be desired at the direction of the President.

3.3.8 The Executive Committee shall be entitled to discuss all the business and affairs of the Association except that which is reserved under rules of the Association itself.

3.3.9 The notices of the meeting shall be given to every committee man at least seven days before the date fixed for the meeting either by post, e-mail / SMS and on website.

3.3.10 Emergency meeting may be called by the President at a notice of at least 24 hours.

3.3.11 The quorum of the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be FIVE members. However no quorum shall be necessary for an adjourned meeting.

3.3.12 FUNCTION OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE To confirm the proceedings of the last meeting. To propose the name of Auditor in AGM. To appoint one or more sub-committee for specific purposes. Such sub-committee shall cease to exist when the purpose for which it was formed, has been fulfilled. Donor of the specified concept / funds of project shall also become part of the specified committee. To control the entire management of the Association. To call the meetings of the Association as and when necessary. To select any schedule bank for the custody of the funds of the Association. To frame such rules and bye-laws as may be necessary from time to time. To approve the Annual Budget. To approve the registration of the office bearers and committee members and to decide their expulsion. To take appropriate action or expulsion against any member or office bearer or committee member for any act contrary to the aims and objects of the Association or adopt attitude which is against the interest of the Association or which is likely to threaten the integrity of the Association. The decision of the Executive Committee shall however be appeal-able to the Assembly. To approve and disapprove the life membership of any person. To appoint the staff and fix their remuneration. To approach Assembly to fill the vacancy for the remaining period of the tenure of the Executive Committee. To collect the funds and to receive the donations, loans etc. from other sources.



4.1.1 Shall preside at all the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Association.

4.1.2 He shall supervise and be responsible for the entire working and management of the Association and its finances.


4.2.1 Shall be responsible to coordinate and assist all Local and Overseas Chapters.

4.2.2 To preside the meetings of CEC in the absence of President.

4.2.3 To assist President and manage affairs of CEC in his absence.

4.3 GENERAL SECRETARY: Shall perform the following duties:

4.3.1 Maintain a Register of Members and life members.

4.3.2 Keep record of the meetings and proceedings of the Executive Committee, record the minutes and circulate them within 15 days to all members of Executive Committee.

4.3.3 Maintain contact with the Local Organizations outside Karachi.

4.3.4 Do all correspondence and maintain record of the Association.

4.3.5 Take steps for compliance of the Resolution passed by the Executive Committee and the Association.

4.3.6 Maintain the office and do all executive work of the Association.

4.3.7 Call meetings of the Executive Committee and the Association in consultation with the President

4.3.8 Circulate notice and agenda for all the meetings.

4.3.9 Prepare annual reports.

4.3.10 Distribute / share /assign duties to members of Executive Committee as and when required, in addition to the defined responsibilities of their portfolios.


4.4.1 Officiate for the General Secretary in his absence and will discharge all the duties of the General Secretary.

4.4.2 Shall do all such duties as may be assigned to him by the General Secretary and the Executive Committee.


4.5.1 He shall prepare and submit the monthly accounts to CEC.

4.5.2 Shall maintain the Register of Accounts of the income and expenditure of the Association.

4.5.3 He shall prepare the Annual Audit and Account Reports.


5.1 Persons eligible to become member of the Association residing out of the jurisdiction of Karachi Division may form themselves into Local Chapter to further the aims and objects of the Association after intimation and approval of the Executive Committee at the Headquarters based at Karachi.

5.2 Local Chapters formed at various districts/cities/regions shall have Executive Committee with a maximum of NINE members and report to the Central Executive Committee.

5.3 Local Branches formed at various Educational Institutions / Universities shall have an Executive committee with a minimum of TWO members and will be elected for ONE year only and will directly report to the respective Local Chapter of The Petarian Association.


6.1 Where the number of members at particular center reaches Fifty (50), Local Chapters may be formed. The Local Chapter will be run by any elected Executive Committee called the "Local Chapter Executive committee". The strength of the Local Chapter Executive committee shall comprise of the following:

6.1.1 President ONE

6.1.2 Vice President ONE

6.1.3 General Secretary ONE

6.1.4 Joint Secretary ONE

6.1.5 Treasurer ONE

6.1.6 Elected Members FOUR

6.2 The minimum quorum of the Executive Committee of Local Chapter shall be five. The functions of the office bearers of the Local Chapter Executive committee shall be similar to the functions of the office bearers of the Executive committee at the Central Chapter, but their jurisdiction will remain restricted to the activities of Local Chapters. The President or his nominee, who be any member of the Executive committee of the Local Chapter may attend the meetings of Central Executive Committee to keep close liaison of the Local Chapter with the Centre.

6.3 60 % of the subscription fee collected by the Local Chapter will be reimbursed to the Head Office at Karachi at the end of every calendar month, and the balance 40% will be utilized as per decisions of the Local Chapter Executive committee, however, payment can also be forwarded on case to case basis.

6.4 Application for Life Member received at Local Chapter shall be passed on duly recommended to the Central Executive committee for approval. The CEC shall issue L.M Nos. on approval of Membership.

6.5 The Local Chapters Executive committee shall submit an annual report including accounts statement to the Central Executive committee through its President or his nominee.

6.6 The Local Chapter shall abide by the instruction given by the CEC. In case, at any stage, the Central Executive committee finds the Local Chapter Executive committee deviating from the basic bye-laws and subsequent instructions given to them, the Local Chapter Executive committee may be dissolved by the Central Executive committee and fresh elections conducted within 60 days of such dissolution, wherein the Central Executive Committee shall report its decision to the Assembly which will appoint an Election committee to conduct such elections.

6.7 The usual tenure of the Local Chapter‟s Executive committee shall be TWO year. The election at the expiry of the tenure will be conducted by the Election committee so appointed by the Assembly from amongst the members of the respective Local Chapter.


7.1 The Central Executive Committee or Local Chapters may allow / authorize opening of the Branch Offices at places they deem suitable.

7.2 Provided further that no branch Executive committee shall be opened when the Numbers of Petarians is less than Ten (10).

7.3 Provided further that the Executive committee of Branch office shall be run by two persons to be designated as Local Representative who shall work under administrative authority of the Local Chapter nearest to them. Decision of the, Central Executive Committee would be final.


8.1 Every member shall abide by the constitution and bye-laws of the Association.

8.2 The members shall have no right whatsoever on the income, subscription, donations, gifts, property and assets of any kind whether moveable or immovable belonging to the Association.


9.1 Central Executive Committee may consider termination of membership of a member if he is found guilty of defaming, tarnishing the image or bringing bad name to Cadet College Petaro and Petarians.


10.1 A member who has been expelled from the Association on account of misconduct can apply again for membership; and his case will be referred to a sub-committee, which will submit its findings for consideration to the Central Executive Committee, which will give its approval or disapproval for restoration of membership.



11.1.1 The Chairman Board of Governors, Cadet College Petaro shall be Ex-Officio Patron-in-Chief of the Association.

11.2 PATRON:

11.2.1 The Principal, Cadet College Petaro shall be the Patron of the Association.

The position of the Patron-in-Chief and Patron cannot be challenged in any manner and in any case.


12.1 Any office bearer or member of the Executive Committee who does not attend three consecutive meetings of the committee without intimation shall be served with proper notice. After service of three consecutive monthly notices his membership on the Executive Committee shall be deemed to be terminated.

12.2 Such vacancies shall be filled by the Assembly by the majority vote.


13.1 The official year of the Association shall be from January to December.


14.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held not less than twelve months and more than fifteen months from the date of Last Annual General Meeting for the transaction of the following business:

14.1.1 To consider and approve the Audited Statement of Account.

14.1.2 To approve elections of office bearers and members of the Executive Committee on expiry of tenure.

14.1.3 To consider the report of the General Secretary about the activities of the Association.

14.1.4 To appoint auditor.

14.1.5 To approve any amendment in rules recommended by Executive Committee.


15.1 One Hundred or one fifth of the total number of the members, entitled to vote, whichever is less, shall form quorum of the General Meeting of the Association.

15.2 Provided further that if the quorum is not complete, the meeting may be either adjourned or to have been taken as „Adjourned Meeting‟. No quorum is required for an adjourned meeting.

15.3 Twenty one days notice specifying the time date and place of the meeting shall be given together with the Agenda and a copy of the audited statement of account for the year.

15.4 The Petarian Assembly may Call an extra ordinary General Body Meeting to discuss issues of immediate nature.

15.5 20% of the members can requisition extra ordinary general Body Meeting by Serving Notice on the Chairman of The Assembly, who shall advice the President to call such meeting within 30 days of the service of Notice.


16.1 The General Body shall consist of all the members who have valid kit number from Cadet College Petaro.

16.2 The functions for the General Body shall be as under:

16.2.1 To approve or disapprove the audited Statement of Accounts.

16.2.2 To amend or alter any Clause, sub-Clause of Clauses or Sub-Clauses of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

16.2.3 To appoint auditor/auditors and to fix their remuneration.

16.2.4 To consider right of appeal of a terminated member recommended by CEC and Assembly.

16.2.5 To discuss and approve such plans and schemes which are in the general interest of the Petarians.

16.2.6 To give approval for the purchase or disposal of any property or properties whether moveable or immovable.

16.2.7 To approve deviations of property and properties of the Association whether moveable or immovable to any institution or institutions or individual.

16.2.8 To inculcate the sprit of fraternity amongst the members of the Association.


17.1 The bank account or accounts of the Association and local chapters shall be operated by any two of three signatories namely. The President, The General Secretary and The Treasurer.

17.2 The Association shall not spend any amount from Life membership fee except for day to day expenses / staff salaries / office equipment, etc. In case funds are required for holding of functions / meetings, then expenses incurred as and when required shall be reimbursed to this account from fund received from sponsorship / any other resources.


18.1 Once at least in every year the accounts of the Association shall be examined and correctness of the Balance Sheet and the Income and Expenditure Account will be ascertained by one or more auditor(s).


19.1 The Association will run on non-political and non-commercial basis.


20.1 The Association shall be deemed to have been dissolved if a resolution is passed in a General Body Meeting by ⅔rd of majority of votes.

20.2 The dissolution shall be effective from the date of passing the Resolution.


21.1 An amendment to the Memorandum and Articles shall be made by resolution in the General Body Meeting by vote of majority.

21.2 Provided that such amendment shall not be made in an adjourned meeting of the General Body.

In witness whereof we the following members whose name and particulars are mentioned herein below are desirous of being formed into and Association called „THE PETARIAN ASSOCIATION‟ in pursuance of these bye-laws and have set and subscribed their respective hands on 24th day of December 1981.

We the following Promoters / Office Bearers of THE PETARIAN ASSOCIATION do hereby certify that the mentioned Articles of Association are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.

______________________                       _________________________

PRESIDENT                                                  VICE PRESIDENT

______________________                      _________________________

TREASURER                                                GENERAL SECRETARY