PAQ Petarian Association of Qatar

Introduction, History & Activities:

Petarian Association of Qatar or PAQ was founded on 2 March 2013 on the occasion of the first gathering of 9 Petarians as follows:

  1. Sohail Nawaz 864/Iqbal

  2. CaptPN(R) Fariduz Zaman 6941/Iqbal

  3. Mohammad Riaz 77105/Ayub

  4. Raheel Zafar Khan 7743/Jinnah

  5. Wq.Cdr. Aijaz Bari 7868/Jinnah

  6. Cdr. Zubair Khushk 7958/Latif

  7. Sqn. Ldr. Tariq Iqbal 8063/Ayub

  8. Adnan Qureshi 8326/Liaquat

  9. Shahjahan Memon 90113/Iqbal

This gathering took place at Barzan Olympic Park on Al-Shamal Highway.

PAQ is the official representative of the Old Boys of Cadetg College Petaro who are currently residing in the State of Qatar. PAQ stands for creating and promoting brotherhood between Petarians living in Qatar under one umbrella, and connecting them with other Petarians living in the rest of the world.

PAQ also stands for supporting its alma mater Cadet College Petaro and to provide all possible help to any Petarian who is residing in Qatar or is interested to work/reside in Qatar.

All Petarians living in the State of Qatar are eligible to be PAQ members.

The main motivator behind this creation was none other than Adnan Qureshi 8326/Liaquat who started PANA in Canada in 2003.

PAQ remains a loose organization with a coordinator to coordinate and lead all its activities. The first Coordinator is Raheel Zafar Khan 7743/Jinnah.

PAQ has a group on yahoo, namely, with Adnan Qureshi as the moderator.