PANA— Petarian Association of North America

Introduction, History & Activities:

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Founded in 2003, the Petarian Association of North America or PANA is the official representative body of Petarians living in the USA and Canada. It started out with the first gathering of Petarian families at Niagara Falls in the summer of 2003 upon the invitation of Adnan Karim Qureshi 8326/L.

PANA stands for creating and promoting brotherhood between Petarians living in North America and joining them under one umbrella so that they can network, communicate, enjoy each other’s brotherly love with respect for elders and care for youngsters, and provide and receive assistance whenever needed. PANA also stands to support the Alma Mater, Cadet College Petaro, according to our abilities. PANA also stands to support and provide assistance to any Petarian in need within North America or elsewhere in world according to its abilities and resources.

All Petarians living in North America can become members of PANA without paying any fees or dues. Petarians on student or training visa can also become members. PANATalk Yahoo group ( is the official online tool for connecting PANA members. PANA holds its annual reunion on the last Saturday of the month of June each year.

PANA is headed by the "Chief Coordinator", who has been chosen through mutual consent over the PANATalk group or at the annual reunions. The following Petarians have held the position of Chief Coordinator over the years:

Other Petarians have played a significant role in organizing the functions in North America.

Of the more than 450 Petarians living in North America, so far around 150 have become members of PANA. Nine annual reunions have successfully been arranged so far. The first six were in the beautiful city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada while the seventh one was held in the vicinity of Washington DC in Maryland. Regional reunions are being held in other cities. PANA has also been helping other Petarians through various means and guidance in trying to help them settle in Canada or the USA.

Please click on links below for reports and photographs of Annual PANA Reunions:

PANA Reunion 2009 - Gaithersburg, MD, USA

PANA 2006 - Niagara Falls, ON, Canada