PAE Petarian Association of Europe

Introduction, History & Activities:

Founded in 2004, the Petarian Association of Europe or PAE is the central body of the nearly 100 Petarians living in Europe. It is headquartered in London, UK. It is purely a social organization and is formed under the umbrella of the Petarian Association.

The organization had been rather inactive for several years. However, with infusion of more active members, a meeting was held on 14 August 2010 at the house of Javaid Soomro, and the following new committee was constituted to take care of the affairs:

  • Hon. President Mr. Mujeebur Rehman Metlo, 7711/I - phone: 07947717711

  • Member for UK South : Mr. Javaid Ahmed Soomro, 8593/A - phone: 07944372456

  • Member for UK North : Mr. Rzvan Siddyky, 9038/L - phone 07515428209

The main office of PAE is located at:

6, New Goulston Street,

London, E1 7QD

Phone: 0207 247 6655

Annual gathering shall be planned for all European Petarians.