The college was founded in August 1957 at Mirpurkhas, Sindh as a residential institution. The first batch of teachers joined the college on 5 August 1957 at Mirpurkhas while the college building was still under preparation. While the government had advertised for the position of Principal of the college, Mr. Mohammed Hasnain was appointed as the in Charge (Acting) Principal on 25 August 1957 for the initial few months. He was soon succeeded by Col.(retd) J.H.H. Coombes on 20 March 1958.

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The first principal of Cadet College Petaro was Colonel (R) John Harold Henry Coombes, CBE, E.R.D., M.A.(Oxon), who evokes extreme nostalgic memories for those who have known him, have worked with him, or were students of Cadet College Petaro during his period. He left his mark on the college for posterity. His vision, his tireless efforts and his dedication towards this college continue to bear fruits to this day. Col. Coombes was born on 28 December 1906 at Guernsey, UK, and died on 18 February 1978 at Sellindge, Kent, UK after suffering a heart attack. His body was cremated near his home.

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Cricket Eleven Captains Following is the list of cadets who became captains of the college Cricket Team:


Following is the list of cadets who became captains of the college Baskteball Team:


Following is the list of cadets who became captains of the college Gymnastics Team:


Following is the list of cadets who became captains of the college Hockey Team:

The First Petarian Convention 2004

Under the theme of “Petarians for Pakistan” was held at Cadet College Petaro on 24-26 Dec 2004. Over 450 Petarians participated. Over 450 Petarians participated.

Scholarships for Cadets at CCP

Six scholarships were given to cadets during 2004-2005, ten scholarships were given to cadets during 2005-2006 and fifteen in 2006-2007.

Scholarship For Ex-Cadets

One ex-cadet was given scholarship for a period of 4 years for his studies at LUMHS, Jamshoro. A second ex-cadet is studying at NED University

Teachers Training Program

The first Interactive Workshop was held at Islamabad for all teachers of CCP on 24-31 July 2005, managed by The Konsultants, Lahore .

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